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    Blocking attacks (Brotherhood & Revelations)

    Hey everyone. I'm having a little problem about blocking incoming attacks. Ezio's not able to block attacks as guards do. Guards actually parry. By parry I mean redirecting incoming blow. Is there a way to block as guards do? Thanks for help in advance.
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    As far as i can remember you cannot parry like the A.I do and only block, but it's been a little while since i played the games now :P.
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    This is exactly what I came on here to ask about, since AC Brotherhood they've become pretty useless fighters. I got that every weapon had a different Deflect rating but regardless of what I used I ended up taking damage and having to repair my armor every two seconds.

    AC3's not got the same problem has it because that just ruined the whole fighting system for me? I actually started avoiding fights because they were boring.
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