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    Boss-man Damien Kieken: "Brand new ‘player focused flow’."

    Boring interview with Hutchinson and Kienke http://www.vg247.com/2012/08/06/assa...bigger-better/ with notering new, but Kinenke casually mentions this new thing, but no other details. What do you guys think it might be?
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    Interesting. First thought it had something to do with the focus mechanics, how it will be easier to achieve now and perhaps more rewarding, but the 'brand new' confuses me.
    Really have no idea what that means. Perhaps the environment will react differently to each playstyle? Doesn't seem right.
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    Yeah, this is every kind of weird. Also, th interviewer can suck it for not probing further.

    Just crossing every finger that this isn't more noobification, as it certainly sounds like it.
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    don't like this team effort they keep pushing...

    whatever just keep deathmatch, wanted and assassinate... i don't care how much they expand the team experience all public games are free for all anyway.
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