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    Prince of Persia: Warrior Within ~ Achievement/Trophy Guide & Roadmap

    Prince of Persia: Warrior Within ~ Trophy Guide & Roadmap
    by StarGate55555


    Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 5/10
    Approximate Time To Platinum: 20-30 hours
    Trophy Breakdown: 20 Total
    • Offline: 20 (2 (B), 10 (S), 7 (G), 1 (P))
    • Online: N/A
    Number of Playthroughs Needed: 3 (each difficulty- Easy, Normal & Hard)
    Missable Trophies (M): The Art of Sand
    Glitched Trophies: None
    Are There Any Unobtainable Trophies?: None
    Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: Yes, but difficulty trophies do NOT stack
    Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: N/A


    "Enter the dark underworld of Prince of Persia Warrior Within, the sword-slashing sequel to the critically acclaimed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time™.

    Hunted by Dahaka, an immortal incarnation of Fate seeking divine retribution, the Prince embarks upon a path of both carnage and mystery to defy his preordained death. His journey leads to the infernal core of a cursed island stronghold harbouring mankind's greatest fears.

    Only through grim resolve, bitter defiance, and the mastery of deadly new combat arts can the Prince rise to a new level of warriorship and defend what no enemy shall take away - his life." [source]


    Note: difficulty cannot be changed after you select it at the beginning. Also on your 2nd and 3rd playthrough be sure to avoid all the fights that you can if you have unlocked all the combat/weapon related trophies.

    Life Upgrades: there are 2 main reasons why you should get all 9 of them in every playthrough. First, because you will have more health. Second, because as your health bar increases the prince becomes stronger, therefore dealing more damage.

    Path: after you get the Serpent Sword, which also acts as a key, take the Garden Tower path first and then the Mechanical Tower. The reason is because the Mechanical Tower is a little more difficult and you will get life and sword upgrade(s) after completing the Garden Tower, making the Mechanical Tower easier. In the Access Hall if you are facing the path leading to the Hourglass room you must turn the switch to the right to enter the Garden Tower and left to enter the Mechanical Tower.

    Secret Weapons: there are a total of 5 secret weapons of which 3 you can only get after obtaining the Scorpion Sword. The most useful is the Hockey Stick which is available at the Central Hall after obtaining the Scorpion Sword. The most powerful is the Light Sword (even more powerful than your primary weapons) but has one major disadvantage. The disadvantage is that every successful hit on an enemy will drain your health.

    Step 1: Complete game on Hard difficulty, Normal Ending.
    In this playthrough you want to familiarize yourself with the game as well as how to progress through the story. The most important thing in this step is to collect all the life upgrades as they are extremely important/helpful. If you have found all life upgrades the Water Sword will be available in the Hourglass room, but do NOT pick it up as it will force the Secret Ending. The Secret Ending's final boss is different from the Normal Ending and is much much harder (4 hits and you die on this difficulty). Be sure to kill as many enemies as possible in order to get all the weapon/combat related trophies out of the way. Also collect every artwork that you can find as it will make it easier and save time on your next playthroughs. You will earn majority of the story as well as combat/weapon related trophies in this step.

    Step 2: Complete game on Normal difficulty, Normal Ending.
    Same instructions as Step 1. However, if you have not obtained all the artwork or all the combat/weapon related trophies be sure to get them out of the way here. Avoid all the fights that can be avoided if you have obtained the combat/weapon related trophies. Try to obtain the Undefeated trophy if you can but do not worry as you will have another try which will be easier.

    Step 3: Complete game on Easy difficulty, Secret Ending.
    This step's primary focus will be to get all 9 life upgrades, pick up the Water Sword and do NOT die during the entire playthrough. Avoid all the fights that can be avoided if you have obtained the combat/weapon related trophies. Save as often as allowed and simply quit and reload the last save if you die. Do NOT select "retry" as it will count as a death and prevent you from unlocking this trophy.

    Step 4: Clean-Up
    Use this step to obtain any trophies that you may have missed in the previous playthroughs even though it is highly unlikely.
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    Achievement/Trophy Guide

    Warrior Within (P)
    Obtain all other trophies

    Obtain all other trophies for platinum to unlock.

    Fighter (B)
    Complete the game on Easy difficulty

    Simply beat the game on Easy for the trophy to unlock. See Hero for tips. I recommend going for the Secret Ending because the Dahaka is very difficult otherwise.

    Note: difficulty related trophies do NOT stack.

    Warrior (S)
    Complete the game on Normal difficulty

    Simply beat the game on Normal for the trophy to unlock. See Hero for tips. I recommend going for the Normal Ending because it is easier.

    Note: difficulty related trophies do NOT stack.

    Hero (G)
    Complete the game on Hard difficulty

    I recommend going for the Normal Ending because it is easier.

    Note: difficulty related trophies do NOT stack.

    Spoiler:  Show
    Enemies listed in order of appearance.

    These are your simplest enemies and also the easiest, they are pretty straight forward to defeat.

    Shadee (Ship)
    Block and Attack. When she performs a combo attack on you press :r1: to block and once she is done, perform your combo. Just be careful as she has 2 type of combos. First, if you were to block, she finishes with both her swords in an upward thrust, which ends her combo. Second, similar combo except she will trick you to think that she has finished her combo but it's a trap, because as soon as you let go of the block she hits you. Repeat process until 2/3 of her health is gone.

    Very easy, simply slash them a few times.

    These enemies teleport back and forth when you get close and the throw daggers at you. They have very little health but run away quickly. Best to throw a weapon and kill them or simply slow down time and kill them from close range.

    Female Ninjas (red & other colors)
    These enemies can get a little annoying if you don't know how to kill them. They keep jumping over you and try to grab and cut you. You can grab and throw them over a ledge for the easiest kills.

    They also come in an invisible form that you will encounter later in the game. These types are very weak and a simple combo is sufficient.

    Red Sheikhs
    They are similar to the Demons but absorb and deal more damage to you. Combos work well but if in a group it is best to slow down time to make it easier.

    Crow King
    He is pretty tough, but you can avoid him every time if you like. The only way to defeat him (as far as I know) is to jump over him and perform a downward slash (press :cross: towards him then :square.

    Shadee (Sacrificial Altar)
    Same as previous fight, just a little harder and she has a kick attack which is unstoppable. Also be sure to keep her busy otherwise she will push the Empress.

    The best strategy involves the use of sand tanks, therefore be sure to have all of them filled. First, you must attack his feet from behind until he kneels down. Then press :cross: to get on his back. While on his back tap :l1: to slow down time and perform more hits on him. As soon as the slowing of the time expires tap :l1: again and repeat. Every so often, while on his back, he will try to grab and throw you. To avoid this simply move in the opposite direction of his attack (raised hand) by using :ls: and moving either left or right. Repeat above process until you defeat him.

    Dogs (exploding)
    These are easy to attack, but hard to avoid their explosions. After you have dealt a certain amount of damage they will start to glow and soon after explode. Be sure to get clear of the explosion. Best method is to slow down the time and kill them that way.

    Male Ninjas
    These are very formidable because not only do they have a lot of health, but cause a lot of damage as well. If you are fighting a group, slowing down the time is your best asset. Perform combos or throw them over a ledge (if possible).

    Dogs (non-exploding)
    Same as the other dogs but they do not explode and take more damage.

    Empress (Throne Room Fight)
    The best strategy is to enter the throne room with full health, full sand tanks (5) and a secondary weapon (preferred). Note that you can refill 4 sand tanks in the throne room from breaking objects and 2 additional sand tanks from the 2 enemies she spawns. Once the fight starts simply tap :l1: to slow down the time (Eye of the Storm) and perform as many combos as you can. The best combo in my opinion is :triangle:, :square:, :square: then press :cross: while moving the :ls: either left or right to get behind her and repeat process. In one tap of :l1: you should perform about 3-4 successful combos while ensuring that you loose almost no health.

    When you lower her health 1/3 she will spawn 2 enemies. Dispatch the enemies by simply repeating the following combo. Press :cross: towards the enemy (jump above him) then press :square: to perform a downward slash. Note that the first and every other attack of this sort will be successful. Do not deviate from this as they can cause just as much damage as the Empress. After defeating the 2 enemies they will grant you 2 sand tanks.

    Repeat above process twice more.

    Giant Golem
    See Rock 'n' Roll trophy.

    See Legendary Creature trophy.

    Empress (Normal Ending)
    See Royal Battle trophy.

    See Black Sand trophy.

    Secret in the Sand (G) (H)
    Obtain the Secret Ending

    You will unlock it at the same time at the Black Sand trophy, after defeating the Dahaka.

    The Art of Sand (G) (M)
    Obtain all hidden artwork

    Missable- the hidden artwork can be found by destroying the hidden chests that are scattered throughout the campaign. From the Main Menu > Extra Features > Artwork Gallery > 3 categories (Characters, Environments and Illustrations). There are 20 character pictures, 30 environment pictures, and 15 illustrations. Illustrations do NOT count towards this trophy. Finding all the artwork is cumulative through all the playthroughs, meaning that they carry over. Note that if you destroy a hidden chest and die it STILL counts as though you have obtained it.

    Click Me for a text guide of the chest locations.

    Video thanks to novanisvidblog

    Time Weaver (S)
    Use all Time Powers at least once

    There are 4 Time Powers that you must use at least once before the trophy unlocks. Even though technically this trophy can be missed it is very unlikely. Simply use each Time Power once you unlock it, see list below:

    • Recall - hold :l1: (rewinds time, requires 1 sand tank)
    • Eye of the Storm - tap :l1: (slows down time, requires 1 sand tank)
    • Breath of Fate - while blocking with :r1: press & hold :l1: (creates a shockwave and hurting enemies, requires 1 sand tank)
    • Ravages of Time - while blocking with :r1: tap :l1: (slows down time, you move much faster, requires 2 sands tanks)

    Grappler (S)
    Grab and throw 100 enemies

    In order for you to grab and throw an enemy you must NOT have a secondary weapon. When near an enemy press :triangle: to grab and then :triangle: again to throw them. If you want to unlock this trophy early on simply use this process on every enemy, keep in mind that you can use this technique multiple times on the same enemy until he dies. Enemies re-spawn in the same spot every time if you leave the area and come back, so farming this trophy is fairly easy.

    Note that if you are surrounded by several enemies and have a hard time fighting them all and you are near a cliff simply throw them over the cliff for a fast kill.

    Executioner (S)
    Decapitate 150 enemies

    Before an enemy can be decapitated you must first reduce his health until he starts to glow with sands or simply repeat the process mentioned below until he is decapitated. The best and easiest method to perform this requires only your primary weapon, you must NOT have a secondary weapon on hand. When near an enemy press :triangle:.

    Land on the Horizon (B) (H)
    Reach the Island of Time

    Story related and cannot be missed. This will be your very first trophy in the game and will unlock shortly after you get off the ship and wake up on the shoreline of the Island of Time.
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    Maximum Capacity (G)
    Get all life upgrades

    There are a total of 9 life upgrades in the game. Once you reach the entrance to the life upgrade you must first pass a series of challenges before obtaining it. Once all 9 are collected your health will be double that of what you started the game with. To collect them all you must have the Scorpion Sword as some cannot be obtained without it. The order of obtaining them can vary depending on the path you choose, mainly after unlocking the path using the Serpent Sword. The paths are the Garden and Mechanical Towers. The video below will only show you the entrances of the life upgrades.

    Video thanks to PrinceOfPersiaCOM

    Water Sword (S) (H)
    Obtain the Water Sword

    First you must obtain all 9 life upgrades before being able to obtain the Water Sword. See Maximum Capacity for locations of the life upgrades. After obtaining all the life upgrades the sword will be available in the Hourglass Room.

    Note 1: you can keep track of you life upgrades by simply counting the highlighted symbols on the floor in the Hourglass room, which represent how many life upgrades you have.

    Note 2: approaching the Water Sword will force you to pick it up, consequently forcing the Secret Ending path. Be sure to have a save point prior to this just in case.

    Dual Wielder (S)
    Kill 100 enemies using a dual weapon technique

    Although this can be classified as missable it is very likely that you will unlock this trophy as you progress through all 3 of the playthroughs. In order for the kill to count you must have a secondary weapon and use a double weapon technique to kill an enemy. During gameplay press :start: > Combo List > :right: until you see the "Double Weapon Techniques". Use any of those combos to kill an enemy.

    Rock 'n' Roll (S) (H)
    Defeat the Giant Golem

    Story related and cannot be missed. Before this fight I highly recommend having your sand tanks completely filled, at least 4 on Hard and 3 on Normal difficulties. This boss fight is just like the previous giants that you have encountered but slightly more difficult. You will fight the Giant Golem not long after you have obtained the Scorpion Sword. In this fight you must first attack his feet while avoiding his hand and stomp attacks. Attacking his feet will cause him to kneel down and this is when you must press :cross: to climb on top of him. Tap :l1: (Eye of the Storm) to slow down time and repeatedly press :square: fast to cause him damage. When the slowing of time dissipates tap :l1: again and repeat. After about your third :l1: tap he will most likely try to grab you with his hand. To avoid the attack use :ls: to move in the opposite direction of his hand attack. Repeat process until you finish him off therby unlocking the trophy. The video below is a walkthough that extends past the fight, therefore watch from beginning until 2:30.

    Video thanks to doreless89

    Legendary Creature (S) (H)
    Defeat the Griffin

    Story related and cannot be missed. This is the easiest boss fight. Note that your sand tanks will refill automatically every so often. Best strategy is to tap :l1: to slow down the time (Eye of the Storm) and perform combos on his back feet. You cannot damage the Griffin from the front. As soon as the Eye of the Storm expires, tap :l1: again and repeat. After you have taken about 2/3 of his health he will perform a swooping attack from the air, to avoid it simply move the :ls: left or right and press :cross: to roll. Be sure not to take any damage (if you do rewind the time, press & hold :l1 because you will be loosing health slowly anyways.

    Video thanks to patrino2

    Royal Battle (G) (H)
    Defeat the Empress - Normal Ending

    Story related and cannot be missed. You will unlock this trophy in your Normal Ending path and after you defeat the Empress in your second battle. At first, start of by tapping :l1: to slow down time (Eye of the Storm) and perform as many combos as possible. Perform a combo then roll either left or right by using the :ls: and another combo. After the slowing of the time has expired tap :l1: again and repeat process until 1/4 of her health is gone. At this point do your best to avoid the whirlwinds (3) by simply rolling non-stop until they dissipate. Note that each whirlwind will drop a sand tank refill (3 total). The Empress also has the power to slow down time so when you notice that, be sure to activate it yourself as well. Repeat the above process 3 times more and the trophy will be yours.

    Video thanks to doreless89

    Black Sand (G) (H)
    Defeat the Dahaka - Secret Ending

    I recommend doing this trophy on your Easy difficulty playthrough. After you collect all 9 life upgrades (see Maximum Capacity) you must pick up the Water Sword in the Hourglass room, therefore ensuring you start the Secret Ending path. At the end you must fight and defeat the Dahaka for the trophy to unlock.

    The Dahaka has 3 types of attacks, see below what they are, and how to avoid them.
    • Body Tentacles- they will come out of his body, to dodge and avoid getting hit, simply roll sideways.
    • Floor Tentacles- they will come out of the floor, simply run in a small circle, keep in mind that they will be a series of this and you must repeat it as many times as needed while collecting the sands on the platform to aid you.
    • Jump Thump- if he is far away he will jump towards you, avoid it by rolling away from your current position.
    • Hand Attack- simply roll sideways.

    After the fight starts, activate the Ravages of Time - while blocking with :r1: tap :l1:. During this time perform as many combos as possible by simply alternating :square: & :triangle: repeatedly. After you have lowered his health to about 1/3 the Empress will perform an attack that will push him and make him hold on to a ledge. At this point activate the Ravages of Time again and perform as many combos as possible in the same manner. When his health is again at about 1/3 he will get up and regain his health to 1/2. Now he will perform his tentacle attacks (from body and floor) avoid them as mentioned above. When you have enough sands activate the Ravages of Time and repeat the process all over again.

    Video thanks to shanky202

    Undefeated (G)
    Complete the game in any difficulty without dying

    I highly recommend doing this on your Easy or Normal difficulty playthrough. Save as often as allowed and if you die simply quit to main menu and reload the last save. Do NOT select "retry" as this will count as a death if you save afterwards and prevent you from unlocking the trophy.

    Adventurer (S)
    Play the game for 10 hours

    Although this trophy is not story related it will come naturally as you play the game. Simply play the game for 10 hours. I actually unlocked this trophy before completing my first playthrough.

    Throwing Master (S)
    Throw weapon at enemies 50 times

    Only secondary weapons can be thrown by pressing :circle: at an enemy. You do not need to kill the enemies, but simply throw and hit them. Secondary weapons can be obtained after killing a human sized enemy or on weapon racks. Repeat this until trophy unlocks.
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