View Poll Results: Would you like to have a German freighter or MilkCow (german resupply sub) to resupply your weapons

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    42 97.67%
  • No

    1 2.33%
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    I hope this feature gets included.
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    it could be made to be simple. once we are close to it, we start receiving fuel then food (if this is accounted in the game). we would have to wait (or use some time compression) to have it complete while there's risk of being found or under attack while we are doing it. torpedoes take quite time to move. this could make things interesting. the boat would be kept for longer periods at see ; historically, the milk cows allowed uboat to remain at sea for 3 monthes. that would be fascinating to be able to start a patrol, have the game generated boat moves and wander around, trying to find them using some more or less precise information from spy agents and then remain at see by using milk cows to gather torpedoes and stuff to repair the sub
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    I would think Dev Team is well aware of how SH2 users reacted to the lack of resupply at sea and would not repeat that mistake.

    What would be esp. cool: if a successful resupply improved the crew's morale. I know I'd feel better if a supply ship provided us with hot showers, clean laundry, fresh food, and mail from home!
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    Always a fresh supply of women please!
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    Yes i would like the addition of being resupplyed by merchant raiders and milk cows.

    Milk cows never lasted long thow, By July 1944, 16 of the 17 supply U-boats that had been built were sunk.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Schnellboot:
    I would think Dev Team is well aware of how SH2 users reacted to the lack of resupply at sea and would not repeat that mistake.

    Yes, Just like with a dynamic campaign! Oh, wait a minute.....

    I believe there is something in the FAQ about supply already so it does look like its there.

    Resupply was actually in SH2, it just got broke in the first patch.
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    Voted Yes but in certain cases. Im sure milkcows was no availble to every sub at anytime.

    There should be some sort of cost invloved say having to leave you patrol area to meet up with the cow and so forth.

    Make sure you use each torp to the fullest and not waste them. Calling in a cow will get you supplied but will also cost you time and perhaps add risk.
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    The milk cows main task was to allow the smaller type Type VIIC to operate on the east coast of America. The Americans came up with a plan to concentrate sinking the milk cows, the plan worked and all but 1 in operation were sunk. This had another affect causing Dönitz to scrap the other 14 milk cows which were 75% completed. Also it caused him to drop development plans for the XX class, which basicly would of been a huge transport sub.

    I agree that meeting milk cows should be a very dangerous activity, and you could have a random chance of being ambushed by enemy forces while resupplying.

    On other long range missions, a disguised merchant supply ship could resupply your U-boat. Successful resupply encouters like these, could be good for crew morale.

    Also i heard that on a special mission, the luftwaffe droped supplys for the u-boats in the barent sea.
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