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    I think that dressage should be added into the game. It's a really popular event in real life so I figured it would get positive feedback. The horse to specialize in Dressage could be the Arabian.
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    Yes! I'd LOVE to see dressage as an added event!

    On a side note, I sure with the saddle seat icon showed an English saddle, instead of a Western one! :-)
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    I would love the option to choose "English" style events, such as dressage and hunter/jumper, instead of only Western disciplines. In real life I always preferred English riding (even though I live in South Texas, where most horse folk ride Western). So it would be nice if we could have a split training path where we could choose one or the other style, or both, rather than having to reflect a Western theme. (For example, the round pen has a cowboy hat hanging from the fence, and I wish it was a riding helmet or somesuch instead!)
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    Saddleseat is an English discipline, despite the icon. It's not western at all. As the breeds expand though, it might be nice to have some new disciplines, like Jumping, Dressage, Pleasure driving (draft specialty), Endurance (for Arabs), Racing (Thoroughbreds) etc. I would think a Warmblood of some sort would be best to "specialize" in dressage. Arabs can do it, but it's the warmbloods that dominate, particularly in the higher levels.
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