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    go go slaughty its so true
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    Another one registered just to tell you: This is bad. This is really bad. This is why you are struggling in the pc market and companies like Valve have demi-god status. Sure Steam had some issues but rain or snow you get updated, they made improvements... they used quiet times to make the services resilient. They are now providing a service. UPLAY adds no value.

    Please fix this.

    I also do not want this uplay service, steam is a superior solution that has GEOGRAPHIC REDUNDENCY, ie. not a single big point of failure.

    Please can you log the following complaints
    1) I do not like or want uplay, it adds no value for me.
    2) Having people unable to play their product is BAD, really really bad. You are driving people to piracy, that hurts everyone. You are better off with steam DRM and sure you'll get a chunk of bad apples, but they wouldn't buy your wares any way
    3) fix that error message, you are going to have a stream of people overloading the system more by telling them their password is wrong. NEVER tell them the password is wrong, 1) check the service is up with one check, then throw an appropriate message
    4) GEOGRAPHIC REDUNDENCY, don't be ******s.

    I suggest that like many people have said, get this service back, make an apology and fix this once and for all. You will go down every summer sale, and drive more people to piracy.
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    maybe you could also add in some failover servers?
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    +1 real
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    +1 here. this is impossible.
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    Over 100 posts in 5 hours and still 0 posts from employees.
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    and another +1
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    Hey guys, got a solution for those who just want to play singleplayer: check of the box/square for "always use offline mode" then close the uplay window and double-klick on the games exe again. It works.
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    Call the manager maybe? :P
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