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    FB is just an IL2 add-on. The fact that UBI smallbrains decided this to be a new product is another story.Were many debates about it. If they will just say FB and not IL2-FB I think not so many newcomers will join this world."IL2" had to stay in the title name.afterall what's FB? Exactly what Oleg patches provided us: new planes , new maps , improved/corrected FM's etc. But yes ,they managed to squeze alot of money from us ,I don't mind paying Oleg&Co for his outstanding work. But UBI , hmmm...

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    As far as BoB is concerned, Oleg has obviously made the decision to give more attention and detail, to not just the planes, but to things in the game other than planes- such as the DM of ground vehicles etc. it seems that this is partly responsible for the planes set being so small. If this decision by Oleg is to be continued throughout his forthcoming sims (which i hope he does -) then the idea of expanding any of them to encompass every theatre and plane in WWII would be entirely unfeasible, taking way too much time and effort.

    it therefore seems to me that the perfect platform to build a sim that could cover all countries and theatres is FB - in a way trading off quality for quantity (in relation to any sim brought out in 2/3 years time onward)

    i would really love to see FB expanded to cover at least more than any sim has covered before- if not planes and maps from every combatent nation in WWII. If people still complain it should be a eastern front sim then they should just fly eastern front planes.

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    Any game with a good physics engine ends up being expanded into all possible uses of that engine. I'm just glad that the originators of the IL2 engine are getting a lot of mileage (and $$$) out of it before anyone else gets their shoe in the door. [img]/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-very-happy.gif[/img]

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