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    [IMPORTANT] Patch 1.5 and the hot fix 1.5.1

    Hello Heroes,

    As promised yesterday, I'm getting back to you with some more information.

    To sum up what happened: the patch 1.5 has been released yesterday and many of you could not load your old 1.4 saves back and start playing because of an incompatibility between 1.4 and 1.5 save system that went unnoticed due to a loophole in our test processes. New save created after 1.5 worked fine though. That is why we can already see that some players have already finished the Adventure Pack (well done!)
    The dev team has been warned straight away about the issue and have spent the night investigating it. We now know what cause this issue and how to fix it. So, basically to explain you: the patch 1.5 introduced the new content which is perfectly playable. But the old 1.4 saves are not compatible with this new content. Therefore, some players could play if they started new saves but those of you who wanted to go on with old 1.4 saves would just crash.

    Now that we know what the issue is about the dev team is working on a hot fix (1.5.1) which should be released today. I’ll keep you informed about the progression.

    We have a bad news for you though: while 1.4 compatibility will be restored, we have to drop the 1.5 saves one. 1.5.1 will be compatible with your old 1.4 saves and new saves created with 1.5.1 will work fine. But that means that for those of you who have already start a new campaign after 1.5 release yesterday evening will lose their progression up to now. We advise you to stop playing until we have released 1.5.1 tonight. We would like to avoid this outcome, but we already know that it is not possible due to technical constrains. We are really sorry about this.

    Please, keep reassured that our priority right now is the hot fix and that we’ll keep you informed about everything happening in there!
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    Thanks for the information!

    It is great to see some information. Also, good to see that the hotfix is coming out tonight. No more 2 month waits!
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    Error logging in..

    I wonder if this problem you are talking about is the reason to my promlem logging in. I get this message; "Connection faild online error profileload" ? And this happends every time i try, and it is in the main menu in the game..
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    You should post this information of hotfix on uplay screen before logging in to play game. Many people may not come to this forum and start a new campaign.
    Finally, saves of those poor people will be dropped after hotfix released.
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    Thanks for the heads-up! Waiting eagerly for the 1.5.1 patch...
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    wow can this be true!! Ty 4 da info if it works im sure all of us would be happy and forgive u for the mistake
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    Quick fixes are necessary to fix game-breaking bugs like this. Limbic are on it - BH would have give it a week or two ...
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    Kewl, just replied to a post about the bug then saw this thread. Not sure what time 'tonight' is where I live but it sounds like I will be able to play over the weekend at least. Thanks for ther prompt action
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    Ok, so I have had the same problem as everyone else after the 1.5 patch so I didn't post anything about it. However, for the last 8 hours or so, now when I launch the game from uplay, I just get a black screen with a "loading" cursor for my mouse. Nothing progresses, nothing happens. Anyone else having this issue? I've tried disabling my firewall and that didn't fix it, so the problem lies somewhere else.
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    Originally Posted by sanpechuda Go to original post
    You should post this information of hotfix on uplay screen before logging in to play game. Many people may not come to this forum and start a new campaign.
    Another vote for posting this information on the Uplay screen.

    And many thanks for the information as well as the quick response. Very much appreciated.
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