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    Warsaw Exclusive Community Q&A

    Hello Heroes,

    During the press tour Stephan Winter (Managing Director at Limbic Entertainment, developement studio based in Frankfurt, Germany) and Alexis De Becque (Heroes 6 Producer at Ubisoft) spent some time to answer community questions (prepared by Elementalist aka Elvin) about Heroes 6 and its future. Check it out now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWj1XVFo9Bw!

    The complete written version is below:

    1) “Where could Heroes VI be improved?”

    Stephan: “We identified a couple of different topics we want to work on and we will work on those. First, we want to continue working on the balance of the game. Generally speaking, there are 2 parts if you are talking about balancing. One is using the existing mechanics and making the right changes to those existing mechanics. On top of that there is an overall approach for balancing, for instance making bigger differences between the factions and changing abilities and such. Right now and for the future weeks we are focusing on pack 1 (changing the existing balance and improving it). Hopefully, we will be working closely with the VIP community. You’ll see some of the first results in the patch 1.5. There is going to be more. Hopefully, it is going to be the right way.”

    2) “Are you going to improve the skill & artifact screens?”

    Stephan: “To give the very short answer, no. We had long discussions about different parts of the game where we consider that there is something we want to change and we can change. Finally the decision making was to townscreens. If we are talking about Heroes, everyone is thinking about townscreens. This was the big focus. It comes with the next patch 1.5 for everyone.
    Beyond that point right now, no. Sorry for that. “

    3) “Would it be possible to add unlocked hero followers (like Xana or Nebiros) to the starting hero pool?”

    Alexis: “Yes, we are aware of this issue and we would like to take care of this. Right now we have been busy shipping the Adventure Pack, the townscreens, the patch 1.5. But we definitely want to try to take care of this issue later on”.

    4) “Will the duel mode be improved?”

    Stephan: “We would love to improve but it is not on the priority list for the moment. We are still focusing on another topics. Same answer as before: never say never. But it is not going to happen in the near future.”

    5) “Are you going to make the map editor easier to use?”

    Stephan: “Yes, we are going to improve the map editor. Yes, it is going to happen rather sooner that later because we absolutely want to have it there. We know from the other Heroes games how valuable a good map editor and a good community content creation can be. This is the guaranty for the game for a life time. We are absolutely aware of it. We need to be honest: it is huge! The map editor itself, the map tools are huge tools! They are very-very complex, they are good tools, but they are not easy to use.
    Nonetheless, we will improve it. We will try to support people who are dedicated in creating the maps. We want those community-made maps more than everyone else. But it is not going to be a miracle, like out of a sudden there is an easy click-click-click map editor or a campaign editor. This is not going to happen. But improving the map editor is very high on the list and we want to work even more with some of the community members to get their input on that and to take that step by step. That’s the way we have to go.
    In terms of time, the map editor is going to be improved in the next few weeks and months. In a perfect world we could constantly (from patch to patch) have dedicated changes to the map editor. This would be my perfect world. Let me take it from there!”

    6) “Do you have a special message for the fans?”

    Stephan: “We are grateful and we are very happy to work on the project. I’m speaking for the team and the guys who are currently in Frankfurt and they are trying to fix and polish all the stuff for the Adventure Pack. That’s the first message: we enjoy it and it is important for us.
    The second message is for communities: we are watching, we are probably not the super forum active guys discussing every little details, but I can ensure you that at least twice a week in the meetings we are discussing summaries of what’s going on in the community, what is happening in the VIP forum. So, even if there is no big answers from our side, we are aware of your feedback and we learned a lot. There is even stuff we could not have done without community input. This is something we are very grateful.”

    Alexis: “We have spent a lot of time and resources working with Limbic for the past few months. Now we are trying to release everything in time and to show to the community our good faith, to prove that we are going to keep Heroes 6 to its promised glory instead of being an uncompleted potential. This is something we want to develop and we hope in the coming weeks to show it to everyone. Thank you!”
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    The MAJOR problem is Conflux/UPLAY and no mention at all. The game wont progress as long there are angry players with all the problems it brings. Currently the synch problem and lost saves. It is not something that it is in our minds only. It is a problem No1 and something to be fixed - or much better removed once for all -

    If that no fix/removed more problems will come with every patch. this game wont survive for long because of indifference of UBI to solve the real problem.
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    actually somewhat impressed by the limbic guy. pick up your game ubisoft.
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    Hugh fan of HOMM but think I should have realized when they changed the name to M&M Heroes that UBISOFT didn't care about the game. I mean why should they...it's not on the list, "The Roadmap to AC25." Or should I say that since HOMM has 5 already let's see if we can put out a completely bugged game, then offer an Expansion (w/out fixing the bugs) and the fans will still buy it. Great business plan...Well, guess it's not too bad of a business plan...You haven't pissed off the AC fans yet so your roadmap should still work.

    Fix the dang UPLAY/Conflux so our saved games works correctly. Not worth playing if you can't fix the basics...OH, not basic...how about play testing it prior to release. Or is that not done in the gaming industry anymore?
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    While they've answered a few burning questions in my mind about the game, there are a few that still either don't get asked or are not answered to any satisfaction:

    1. The conflux is a major problem for many gamers. What specifically do you intend to do to insure it works for everyone?
    2. Are you spending all your time trying to fix bugs and re-balance the game or do you intend to put out a decent Expansion any time soon?
    3. Most of us didn't count the costs of things in the Alter of Wishes and therefore spent poorly early on leaving vital or much wanted stuff to sit there in the Alter of Wishes with little or no resources to buy. Do you intend to either (A) allow gamers to "reset" or (B) provide a great deal more achievements so that we can use this Alter of Wishes as intended?
    4. Questions (and their subsequent answers) say nothing about a Random Map Generator. Do you intend to create one or are you just simplifying the existing map editor?
    5. While I can live with the skill tree, realizing that it's not going away with this version, do you intend to make the skill tree more faction specific than it currently is?

    Those and more that escape me at the moment are questions I'd like to have answered.
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