Ubisoft and their development studios are entirely focused on improving the game experience, supporting the title and listening to the all of your feedback.

There are multiple updates planned over the life of the game and we’re happy to announce that a new Title Update is being delivered for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.

Please insure your console is connected to the Internet when you launch Ghost Recon Future Soldier; a message will then pop up to inform you that a game update is available for you to download and install. This Title Update includes some very important changes that we would like to highlight. Except where specifically noted, changes are for both X360 and PS3.

The list of changes below is not all inclusive.

Matchmaking and Connection:

  • Reduction in the peak bandwidth required;
  • Improved tuning of host selection weighting;
  • Tuned the aggressiveness of bad host detection during in-progress matches;
  • Improved matchmaking’s ability to detect and remove stale lobbies;


  • Players should no longer experience a decrease in their character's displayed level;
  • Fixed an issue where transmedia unlocked weapons would not appear for character slots unlocked through progression (character slots 4-6);
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from properly receiving the “Zero-Hour” XP bonus;
  • Fixed an issue where some challenges were not properly being recorded as complete;

Private/System Link Kit Storage:

  • Player’s last used kit per character will now persist across matches and sessions;
  • Note that this is ONLY your last used kit per character and is shared between Private and System Link matches;


  • Enemy Sensor Grenades detecting a player will now have an Augmented Reality HUD element;
  • Fixed an issue where players would not seen a hit indicator when shot by a suppressed (silenced) weapon;
  • Fixed an occasional issue with using resupply objectives after capture;
  • Added code which lets us remotely tune the number of rounds in the Siege Gametype;


  • Double-Time bonus no longer lost on respec - Players who had previously lost the bonus should have it restored after applying the title update;
  • Fix for infinite loading screen;
  • Fixed a couple of occasional shader and low-res texture glitches;
  • Fixed an issue with party leadership privileges not consistently transferring when the leader quits;
  • Fixed several issues with game audio corruption/dropout;
  • Fixed a hang/freeze on "Integrating DLC";
  • Fixed a couple of localization text issues;
  • Fixed a memory leak with Gunsmith;
  • Fixed a few infrequent crashes;
  • Fixed an exploit where players could use locked weapons/equipment in a quick match;
  • Fixed an exploit where players were unable to spawn, but would still gain XP;
  • Fixed additional progression and map exploits;

PS3 Specific:

  • Fixed multiple issues affecting voice chat.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the PS3 jewel buttons to disappear from the firing range when using PS Move.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect challenge timers.

The team is also working hard to improve the game experience on the PC version; a specific title update for the PC will be released later this week to address input compatibility issues. Other title updates will follow as soon as they are thoroughly tested.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and see you online!