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    My friend and I appear offline to eachother on UPLAY when we try coop

    My friend has the Steam version, and I have the retail, but our versions are the same and we have played online separately with strangers. For some reason we can't see eachother on our friends list (we see eachother as "Offline" always), although we see our stats for adversial multiplayer. This is strange and very annoying considering we bought this game for the coop component. Any ideas?
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    Hi, please see here http://ubisoft-en.custhelp.com/app/a...ZEdSZFVOX2s%3D you could also contact technical support who will be able to troubleshoot with you, the link is in my signature.
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    Same problem here... please let me know if you solver it and how please...

    P.S. i sent a ticket to support
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    Up.... we can see each other on Assassin's Creed but we can't see online or remove on GRFS... please someone have solved this problem?
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    same here. me and my friend cannot play together (as team/coop) because "offline" Status
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    Hope someone can help us
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    Possible solution

    Here's what worked for me and my wife:

    1) While out of the game, go to the Uplay main page at http://uplay.ubi.com and log in.

    2) Then, in the box that lists your friends, delete the friend(s) you want to play the game with. (Note: I don't know how this impacts other Uplay games, so proceed with caution.)

    3) Load the game and go into "My Friends," and your friend(s) should no longer be listed

    4) Now, just go to "Find Friends," add their usernames, and proceed to set up your game.

    I hope this helps!
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    Worked for me! Thank you very much... now the problem is: server connection lost :S ..... T_T
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    You're welcome - glad I could help! I know a lot of people are having problems with failing connections, so maybe Ubisoft will release another patch to correct that issue. Anyway, I hope you get it completely working soon.
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    Wow that worked...when we tried adding eachother ingame it never worked, but this time it did for some reason.
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