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    the same problem since today (actualization). on mobile phone is all ok

    EDIT: I feel sth is being fixing
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    This problem has happened to me and my wife for several days now, so far we managed by reloading Uplay or doing the "fix" suggested in this thread but seriously.....THIS NEEDS FIXING Ubisoft. If you are FORCING your playerbase to play online then please make sure your tools are in order. This is highly annoying.
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    I love how this problem/bug still hasn't been fixed for good yet. its been 5 years.

    This is genuinly why no one likes uplay, and why it has the bad reputation is has, no offense to the amazing games ubisoft has made.
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    Possible solution

    Had this same problem on R6S and while trying monks solution I closed Uplay on my desktop and when I loaded it back up the problem was fixed, so it may be as simple as reloading Uplay.
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    It didn't work for me pls someone help

    The tutorial given didn't work soo i'm really desperate for a solution
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