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    Bugs Report - Other


    The team continues to work hard, improving the game experience, supporting the title and listening to the feedback. There are multiple updates planned over the life of the game and here is some additional information on to what exactly each type of update contains: http://ghost-recon.ubi.com/gr-portal...t=tcm:6-231-32


    This thread is for misc issues - not covered with the other threads.

    Detailed repro steps are essential.
    We'll go very often on this thread and this will help us fix as soon as possible the potential bugs.
    Many thanks!

    Please read before posting


    Known issues
    • ULC - headgear missing: your character may not have the required level to see the headgear.
    • ULC - headgear missing: your key may be faulty, your should contact Ubisoft Support (http://support.ubi.com)
    • Steam version is updated by the Steam environment; do not try to apply the digital distribution patches over Steam version.


    Please use these threads ONLY for the purpose of reporting Bugs and issues.

    Post ONCE with details - if you need to add something else, please edit your original post, rather than making a new post.

    Offtopic posts - chatter and posts not relating to the topic WILL be deleted.

    Please remember you should also contact Ubisoft Support about any and all support issues, such as this.
    Ubisoft Support Website
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    I get an error trying to install the patch using the manual download.

    This is the first of the two day one patches. I've installed through steam. Running windows 7. Steam does not know about the patch. Starting the game does not prompt me to update.
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    My game says its an xbox ive checked my drivers, restarted the game using new mouse/keyboard, i did all the tech support guy said all didnt work, do something!
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    I think right now the primary fix should be to get anyone who cannot move with either mouse/keyboard, or 360controller a solution asap. This is completely ridiculous that this game has that many problems right from launch for pc.
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    Can't use the Squad system... I add people to my friends list, then invite to squad, and they never see the invites.
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    i stuck at every 2nd checkpoint, cause the A.I. camerads are toooo silly to follow me. or they stuck at some corners and cant move anymore! -.-
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    I bought got the retail disc version from SimplyGames today. The game started patching after I installed it so I cancelled it after reading about the issues with it and the game loaded to the title screen. It allowed me to change the graphics options (Jeez, does it look fugly at 720p or what?) but it crashed upon starting the Campaign so I had no choice but to patch it. Waited about 20 minutes for a 400 MB patch to download and install. The game only patched to v1.1 so maybe UbiSoft have withdrawn v1.2?

    Whatever, it certainly fixed the Campaign crashes but this game is still very broken unfortunately, at least on my system it is. I cannot navigate the menus with the cursor keys or Xbox 360 controller (well, actually I can with the latter but only sometimes), the graphics look like they've been upscaled from 1280x720 or some other low resolution and, worst of all, I can't move the bloody soldier when the game starts with either the keyboard WSAD keys or the Xbox 360 controller. The latter is working because certain buttons work such as A makes the soldier run forwards! As such the game is unplayable. As if that wasn't bad enough, every time I return to the main menu I'm asked to enter my name again.

    Add to those issues, the typical lazy lack of support for 16:10 resolutions such as 1920x1200 that I should know to expect from UbiSoft by now (this wasn't a console port after all, right?) and really ugly, lo-res text on the menu screens that look as if they were designed for 640x480 resolutions and upscaled. Is it really that difficult to do a nice clean User Interface and text... if so then ask Rockstar as they managed one for Max Payne 3.

    I'm really regretting buying this game even if it was only £20. Should have waited three months before getting it as it seems the norm these days to release PC games broken or with issues and patch them (much) later.
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    I exited the game and when I re-ran it I was prompted to download another smaller 30 MB patch, presumably v1.2. However, this has not fixed anything... the graphics still look like they're upscaled from Wii resolution and I still cannot move the soldier at all with either the keyboard or wired Xbox 360 controller.

    I'm also still being prompted to enter my name EVERY TIME GO TO THE MAIN MENU!!!!!!

    Did you actually do any testing on this game, UbiSoft, or are we beta testing it for you?
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    So far, besides the low quality, fuzzy cutscenes, the game WAS running perfectly fine. But when the new update came, i installed it, and now I am experiencing some heavy bugs.
    I was trying to play with a friend who just got the game, but after the first cutscene, the game would crash, close out and say it failed to create a dump file. Next, In literally most cutscenes and cinematics, the game would crash. In addition to, when I have the equipment Icon, there shouldn't be an LB icon there for an xbox 360 controller. It is a little annoying considering the version we had purchased was for the PC after all. Also, I know for a fact that my computer can handle the game, because it handles BF3, a very demanding game, quite well.

    My friend can't change his resolution.
    <edit 2>
    So, for the cutscene crashes, I double checked if there was a driver update, which there was for my Geforce 560. It seemed to have fixed the cut-scene crashes. However, I do get dropped from multiplayer, but fingers cross and hope that was the issue.
    and now, the crashes begin...
    but i noticed, these crashes occur at the snow levels, if that would help the developers.
    Other times, it would occur at the very start of the game, and the screen would be completely black, while the audio plays in the background, then crash.
    <edit 4> 6/28/2012
    Tried to play with my friend, but during campaign, his computer freezes up in the cutscene. Weird thing is that he has better components than I do. In addition to, in Guerrila mode, I keep on getting disconnected with my friend. Hope that specifies some problems! good luck
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    If I alt tab or click outside of my primary monitor (I have dual monitors) When I come back to the game I only get a black screen, but I can hear everything in the game and I can (assuming here) do normal stuff in the game (ie I hear myself running around shooting ....blindly....literally)
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