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    I can't believe that the patch killed the game so badly. My friend refuses to play until the patch's "fixes" get fixed lol.

    ridiculous that a patch could mar a game so badly
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    Originally Posted by chaosstriker15 Go to original post
    Im having issues running the game all together it keep crashing after approximately 2 to5 min of game play. Every time I have to bring up the task manager and end the task and its frozen up my computer twice to where I have to restart. This is just the single player I havent tried online.
    After a lil more messing around i would like to revise my statement of 2 to 5 min of game play. Sometimes it will crash just after I get past the start up vids.
    I'm having this exact issue. I can't get passed the first mission. The game just locks up and I have to kill it via task manager.

    Windows 7
    Geforce 580 latest drivers (just updated today)
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    That patch locked me out of the game completely. I'm on my third uninstall/install of the day...this last one because the patch is now giving me an Error Code 2??
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    Having Mouse issues....camera is stuck in one position and no matter which way I turn my mouse it remains pointed in one direction......have downloaded both patches for today and still getting the same problem.....
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    2 bugs that I noticed:

    1. When going into control options and bind something to my side mousebutton, "A" unbinds. Then I bind "A" key again to Left and my mousebutton unbinds again. So basically can't bind the extra mousebuttons.

    2. When going into the firerange and shoot on a target it exits immediately.
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    I'd love to be one of the people out there, saying that the game is just a black screen, or that the controls or wonky or that the graphics suck.
    When I enter the game, and go to the ubisoft launcher, and click PLAY For the GRFS game. It opens a window, like I'd expect, for about 6 seconds, before it says that Future Soldier.exe has stopped working. Every. Time. I can't even start the game. Not even a black screen. Just... nothing. It closes itself. Then that sly little bastard of the ubisoft launcher comes out, talking about what a WONDERFUL time I must have had while playing. I bought it off steam. Holy Jesus, I am the 1% of people who got their CD activation codes.

    Windows Vista SP2
    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 4400+ (2CUPs) ~2.3GHz
    ~2 gigs ram
    DirectX 11
    NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
    1024x768, 32 bit, 60 ghz.

    I did download both patches.
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    Originally Posted by Urbstomp Go to original post
    When i start the game i have audio but the game starts into an invalid resolution and i can't seem to find a way to change the resolution outside of the game or put it into windowed mode.
    Same issue here...
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    I cant even start the game any more. I've re-installed it so many times. Any one else getting two white boxes then a black screen on start up? I still get all of the audio and the game I can tell is running but I dont get any video output just black. Resolution is 1920X1080.
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    Multimonitor not working

    Shows resolution but when I select only runs on middle monitor, Bug?
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    Game splits your party up. lol...
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