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    Assassin’s Creed III – PC version delayed

    Story here.

    Considerably less of a delay than previous titles, and at least it has come to light a lot earlier this time. Thoughts?
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    Not really angry or surprised...
    Considerably less of a delay than previous titles
    Revelations PC Versions Delay was two weeks, not three But well at least not a half year.
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    is this supposed to encourage launch day console sales at rrp?

    will wait as always
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    Any release information not posted by Ubisoft - should be treated as rumour, until officially announced.
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    Unlike Esco to post it if the source isn't reliable...
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    And not like there's no precedent for them delaying PC games...
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    this is not how you build a loyal fan base, nor does it encourage them to invest in your top tier editions, not posting officially and having this leak really pisses off your customers, make them wait and they will likely return the favor waiting for a 50% off sale. Not to mention PC gamers that have purchased the jod/fe will not only have to wait for the game but the real world content, if the games' not going to be ready let Pc gamers have the real world stuff ontime, making us wait for the whole package really sucks. after AC3 I am done with Ubisoft. I will not buy any title for any platform unless its heavily discounted or second hand. let me guess I am just another whining PC gamer that needs to shutup? every single Ubisoft title for over 12 months has lagged behind console, you think we didn't notice?

    you should man up and announce the delay instead of this bullcrap.
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    Kind of the usual at this point. Not sure I have the energy to get annoyed anymore after raging at the delays for AC2 and ACB in the past. Let's just hope it's an ACR length delay rather than ACB length.

    Also the usual from Ubisoft (and Shade). Shade, I don't mean to be critical, and I know you're only doing your job until details can be made public. But the track record for a simultaneous release isn't good at this point.
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    I'm not surprised to see this game being delayed for PC, like the others before. But as long as we only have to wait for 3 weeks, that's still acceptable I think.
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    So I guess Ubi forgot about their whole Gamespy interview?

    GameSpy: So when's the PC release date?

    Ubisoft PR:October 30th.

    GameSpy: Yeah, but when's therealPC release date?

    Ubisoft PR:It's October 30th.

    GameSpy: Uh huh. And can you say that with a straight face?

    Ubisoft PR:You can ask me as many times as you like, but the answer will be the same.

    GameSpy: Very well, let's move on. So, when will you announce the delay of the PC version?

    Ubisoft PR:...


    So UBI, which is true?
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