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  • Yes i will

    25 32.47%
  • Im not intrested becuse 10 euros to much

    19 24.68%
  • Im just not intreasted at all

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    will you buy the new dlc?

    So withe the new realse of Crag Hack will you buy it? 10 euros for aboyt 18 houers of play.(ubi people tell me this)
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    I answered "no", but my answer hides more, than I had choises in the poll. I won't buy it, because the same date the patch is comming. And I'm not sure it will fix many things. In other words, I don't trust this publisher and I'm not sure, that he earned my money even for game's original, not mentioning the DLC (which is "black cat in the dark bag", as it is used to say in my country)
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    No, for reasons I explained here.
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    Not a chance in hell. I find this whole DLC idea to be insulting, it's pathetic that instead of devoting resources to making the game what it should be they spend resources on this petty attempt at milking a few more $$ from fans who have not given up on the game yet.
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    At this point in time, my answer is no. The game's still in a fairly sad state, and while I'm happy improvements are finally being made, there's a great deal that still rankles and needs repairs before I consider purchasing DLC at an admittedly fairly high cost.
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    No. Not that 10 Euros is too much, but because they don't deserve my money before they fix this unfinished game first and meet their deadlines.
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    Nope. Not as long as the game isn't finished. I'm not going to throw good money after bad.And even if it isn't finished, I'll need some pretty convincing reviews of this to be convinced to shell out 10 bucks for a DLC that does not contain a new faction.
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    NO the game is still unfinished bug wise and content wise. They sold me like half a game cut factins out etc and did a rush job. Cut adventure map buildings out, cut resources out. Cut war machines out. Cut Mage guilds out. Added very very nice graphics but at its core they cut hosts of too important feutures.

    The price is for idiots when you compare it to the price of a real expansion and the content in that disc in the past. Not forgetting they dont even have to ship a disc they charge 1/3th for like 1/30th of the content that should be there. Add in you cannot redownload it after 30 days or you have to pay again. Very ****ty DRM. Comeon my game is legal and i never had probs with drm but this server kicks out a 120 MB connectiobn out like what every other day? Seriously? Then you're not running your company right.

    I'll buy an expansion with 2 factions in them. I am waiting for 2 expansions with 2 factions + additional content ike war machines, more neutrals and campaign etc. Too complete and finish the game.
    Just because I love the heroes series but I am not and will advise everybody not too support a company trying to leech us becasuse we will stimulate them and it will only get worse.

    And lets be fair with this game it has been really really bad.
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    No, I most certainly won't buy it. I want to see new factions, not a new campaign. As I read in ex-Black Hole developer statement and generally on these forums, the Academy faction was initially planned to be available from day 1, which later transformed into a free DLC follow up. My opinion is that more factions are desperately needed (along with stability and faction balance). Now, instead of free wizards, there are some pirates costing 10 euros. Honestly, I'd have preferred wizards for 10 euros to free pirates campaign...

    As of yet I've shelved MMH6 waiting for bugfixes and balancing. What's the point in buying a DLC with no new factions if I haven't finished the original campaign due to bugs, crashes and lack of interesting hero builds?
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    After i read your opinions i decide if its worth it or not
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