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    WHU (Wall Humpers Union) Clan Thread

    WHU Clan Leaders
    WHU LuckySL7
    WHU Trapmuzik
    WHU Blizzard

    WHU Originals
    WHU Lock em up
    WHU Kizer Soze (inactive)
    WHU Turin68 (inactive)

    WHU Members
    WHU MDub84(inactive)
    WHU Black Ice
    WHU Darkestnite
    WHU Legend (Manhunt Captain)(inactive)
    WHU Snow Fox
    WHU Dosu (inactive)
    WHU Mewtwo
    WHU BiPolarBear (Domination Captain)
    WHU MrCreepy
    WHU Robin
    WHU Yoshi

    WHU Female Squad
    WHU Shenanigans (Co-Captain)
    WHU Tenanye
    WHU WicanMother
    WHU Love

    Message a Captain or a leader if interested in joining or for scrims

    Media Channel

    Twitter Link: WHU Trapmuzik @WHUTrapmuzik , WHU MDub84 @marksmedia, WHU Legend @UWH_Legend, WHU Psycho @That_RedZone,

    Current Activities
    Scrims with AAB
    Scrims with DXD
    Scrims with IAS
    Scrims with AvK
    Wasted Wednesday

    WHU 1st annual Family BBQ Artifact Assualt Tournament ( Hosted by WHU
    WHU Team CupCake Winners

    Rest in Base AA Tournament (Hosted by R.I.P)
    Runner Up WHU Team Cupcake

    WHU 1st Annual Prom Night Artifact Assualt Tournament ( Hosted by WHU)
    WHU Team Pizza Rolls winners

    WOC AA Tournament ( Hosted by WOC's Spider Demon)
    AC3 Community Block Party Artifact Assualt Season
    5th best record

    !st Annual Duos Duels AA Tournament (Hosted by AlexHayek)
    Best Offensive Duo; WHU Blizzard/ WHU Clear Focus

    WHU / AAB 2ND Annual Family Bar-B-Q AC3 & ACR AA Tournament (Hosted by WHU / AAB)

    Artifact Assault Master's League (Hosted by WHU's SOD)
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    TheHowlerrr's Avatar Member
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    Feb 2012
    West Midlands, England
    Heyyyyy Trap! :P

    Bit of a change in leadership etc since I last saw lol, and be nice to Yakta, he's fragile
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    hahahaha I always wondered what the WHU stood for, now I know...
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    Welcome to the forums...again....
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    hey i requested to join the FB page lol and howler no just no
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    Enjoyed running into KillU4Sure and LuckySL7 yesterday. Nice to see you guys on the forums again.
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    yo thanx rabid and howler. citizen u know its always fun when we hook up. yeah punk now WHUis on the building lol. and howler ill hold yakta like a baby
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    Don't be like one of those drunk 18yr old moms that drop it all the time....yeah.
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    Rossko23's Avatar Member
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    Feb 2012
    (Unfortunately) Midlothian, Scotland
    Don't be like one of those drunk 18yr old moms that drop it all the time....yeah.
    You were one, weren't you?
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    ThaFazz's Avatar Senior Member
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    Nov 2011
    we gotta get kizer away from his work....wasted wednsdays are more important
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