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    Crag Hack? Really? Maybe it is just my nerdyness, but they better explain how he has travelled to another world! Heroes usually have great stories, so if they can explain this one it will be a good effort indeed
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    I'm underwhelmed. A dynasty weapon, a few items and a campaign? No Sylvan? No Dungeon? No Academy? I would have been content with Fortress. Fortress!! I mean, come on!

    I might get that one along with a proper expansion if and when they have a proper expansion.

    And, for me at least (though I suspect it's the same for most), a proper Heroes expansion includes a new faction.
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    well I'm happy they are finally getting around to doing proper town screens but I must say that these should have been included in the 1.0 release version of the game... along with a map editor.. and a decent story line..
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    I know there's a map editor. It's quite a good one too, you can find it in one of the folders in the game. In the event that you hope to use it though, beware, it has a steep learning curve and takes a while to figure out.
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    Originally Posted by chirambo Go to original post
    I know there's a map editor. It's quite a good one too, you can find it in one of the folders in the game. In the event that you hope to use it though, beware, it has a steep learning curve and takes a while to figure out.
    I think he ment it should have had one at launch(along with all the other things he mentiond), not that it does not have one now.
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    There's some great guides on this forum for the map editor if you're interested. One of the stickies I believe
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    While I'd much prefer a full expansion with more factions, I'll take this. Might tide me over for a while. Not a big fan of DLCs, but it seems to be the nature of the beast these days.
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    I'm not going to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't buy, but in my opinion buying this DLC sends a bad message to Ubisoft and in the long run will be more harmful than helpful.

    Most of us can agree that this game was in pathetic shape on release (no better than a Beta) and it still has a long way to go to meet it's potential. Now, Ubisoft didn't make the game, but they are responsible for what went in, what was left out, and when it was released. For that, the blame is solely on their shoulders when it comes to the final product we bought in good faith thinking it would be fixed upon release. It wasn't and in some cases was even worse than the Beta.

    To now release DLC for an unfinished and unpolished game screams of greed and unprofessionalism. Not once have these people (Ubi) apologized for the state the game was in, knowing full well it wasn't completed. Still, they forced it out the door just to grab our money.

    Now they expect people to spend even more money when they haven't come close to finishing the vanilla version of the game? Are you kidding me?!?! You know what they should be doing? Knowing full well how angry the Heroes fans were and still are, they should give us this DLC for free as a show of good faith that they understand our anger and are truly sorry for the garbage they pushed out the door. But no, that would mean they'd have to admit fault and understand how ripped off we feel. That's obviously not the Ubisoft way.

    So, that all being said, I feel it sends the wrong message to them if you buy this because it will show them that you will buy anything they put out, regardless of the state it's in. What incentive will they have to makes sure things are done properly and fixed in a timely fashion if people just blindly accept any and all garbage put out the door by them? Answer: NONE!
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    I don't like the sound of that, current town cinematics are really good, I hope we don't get a static picture instead, what a downgrade that would be.

    Town screens was one of the most idiotic things fans requested anyway.
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    Originally Posted by shop5F43AB863 Go to original post
    Maybe "expansion" is the wrong word, but I'd gladly pay $10 for this. Even if I finished it in three hours (doubtful), that would be quite an entertainment bargain.

    I'm very much looking forward to having real two screens.
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