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    Black Widow

    I have to admit, I pretty much ignore E3, and don't care about what Ubi says there. But I am getting a bit concerned at how Black Widow is shutting down all threads concerning it but one. Worse, on one thread the starter got warned that one more transgression would result in a ban.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    Banninate me if you want, but IMHO Black Widow, and by the assumed connection, Ubi, are way out of line here. Can we not discuss things as we want? Can we not say Ubi is a ship of fools for ignoring RS at E3?

    For you old timers who remember me, haven't fired up RS since Feb/March. And I won't until I can control the speed. But I still lurk, hoping for a patch. And I still play, I just don't use RS to teach me.

    Ahh,found the post that most prevented my propeller from spinning. Quote:

    I suggest if you have an issue with how the Forums are run you send me a PM. Creating Topics like this will only get you Banned. As it has been stated the E3 Topic is still open and you can feel free to post there as long as you continue to follow the Rules.

    Consider yourself warned.

    end quote

    Read that several hours ago, and it sort of festered in me. Then when I noticed all the threads BW closed I got flat out po'd.
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    So you want no moderation? You should see forums that go that route...
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    Repeat threads, get locked, it's a forum wide rule..

    If there are multiple threads, all about the same subject, it smothers the rest of the community using that forum..

    There is also a lot of "one up manship" with people rushing to post a new thread so they are the top thread in the forum, which then snowballs...

    To this extent, when the need arises we routinely lock threads, all over the forum, so you are not being victimised.

    If you continue to make threads, after them being locked, you will be warned, and suspensions can follow.

    Ignoring a Forum Manager, is not a great idea...

    If you have questions about the moderation of this or any other forum, it's best to contact the person concerned, privately - rather than posting a thread calling them out..

    Rocksmith had its launch at E3 last year, but it does have a high presence on the floor due to new content and the EU release.

    The main push for Rocksmith this yeah, is handled by the regional marketing...

    Ubisoft have not dropped the ball.. Ranting they have, maybe the reason why you were warned..

    I am locking the thread, and suggest you continue this in PM - if you don't understand what I posted above.
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