Our HP Pavilion running 64-bit Windows 7 was once again an issue when wife attempted to start Myst V: End of Ages. The "Stack Error" message came up, and we have spent many hours online trying various fixes, none of which worked until now. Here is the procedure that worked for us:

1) Go to this Gamefront website and download the "Myst V Vista SP1 Patch."
2) In our case I was on my Mac, and downloaded this file to a flash drive, which I then inserted into the HP laptop's USB connector. On a Windows computer, you could just download the file to your hard drive, of course.
3) We ran the "Scan and Fix" Windows routine on the flash drive before proceeding.
4) Inside the unzipped "MystV_vistaSP1" folder is a "MystV_vistaSP1.exe" file. Run this application. Unfortunately, the language is French, but the lit radio buttons are the right ones to click as you progress through the app. On the last page is a check box which, if left checked, will attempt to open Myst V after you click "Terminuel" (sp?) or "Finish." We unchecked that box before finishing the program.
5) We restarted Windows and opened Myst V, which then ran fine.

Hope this helps those of you who have had as much trouble with this game on Win 7 as we did!