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    Patch Notes! Check out all the new features and bug fixes done in the game.

    New game version live today Tuesdy July 3rd 2012> Check out the details on the latest post of this thread! >> http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...51#post8435851

    Hi all! New game patch yesterday Tuesday June 26th: See latest post in this thread on the last page
    Hi all!New game patch today Wednesday June 20th:
    Changelog:Special mentions:
    • Removed inventory limit for breeding badges.
    • Crop bubbles (i.e. for carrot productions) are smaller now
    • Multi Friend selector: Users can now select friends for staffing buildings.
    • Pop in-box upon login: Inbox-pop up will appear if users got new messages/requests
    • Entry letter: Reduced the text of the letter to one single page.
    • Increase rewards for collections of hard to earn collection sets: Some drop chances will be changed.
    • Increased the XP rewards of all sets (which give XP) to 50 XP.
    • Productions cannot be harvested unless there is enough storage capacity.
    • Gifts cannot be accepted unless there is enough storage capacity.
    • Wallposting Bonuses cannot be accepted unless there is enough storage capacity.
    • Deeds still have their limit - but their limit cannot be extended with any building. Players cannot accept a deed per gift that would exceed their limit.
    • Any item rewards from daily return bonus, achievements, level ups, pal level ups, quests and competitions which are rewarded independent from the limit and thus exceed it.
    • Removed the "OK" Buttons in the Levelup, PalLevelup, HorseLevelup, HorseMasterLevelup and Achievement popups. So just the "Share"-button is available and a little "x" button on the top of the popup to close the window.
    • Implemented new Saddle Dollar and Horse Bucks images for coin packages.
    • Added some missing images for Angel Acres, Flower Achievement and Eagle Feather related wallposts.
    • Special offer and Special Deal icons will work now (Trialpay and Dealspot).
    Fixed Bugs:
    • [Breeding] [Partner selection] Incorrect behavior is observed when a user attempts to refresh system's horses using FBC
    • [Breeding] User can't breed a new foal even if a horse box is available
    • [Wallpost][New Foal] Incorrect headline and description on wall-post
    • [Shop] Incorrect generation time mentioned on the tool-tip for the medium/large hay-rack and water troughs
    • [Radial menu][Boost pop-up] The Radial menu/ boost pop-up of buildings remain stuck on the Top layer
    • [Achievements Pop-up] Incorrect spell on all achievement pop-up
    • [Buildings] The game does not warn the user from redeeming energy points from the Stable hand hut/ Windwheel
    • [Loc][FR][Add Saddle dollars pop-up] Inconsistency of name used for the premium currency

    • [Sharing] Achievements doen't get shared
    • [Gameplay] Game crashes with error #1009 if user removes 3 - 4 weeds and selects stable
    • [Live][Buildings] The countdown timer of a newly-constructed wind-wheel timer behaves incorrectly
    • [Shop] User can buy Refill Supplies booster beyond the inventory capacity
    • [Task] To boldly go task appears even if player upgraded sign-post into luxurious trailer
    • [To boldly go task] The Sub task 'Open the map' gets completed in an incorrect manner
    • [Live][Tutorial] The user gets stuck after he accesses the deal-spot icon during the tutorial
    • [Buildings] Newly created haystacks/troughs do not generate hay/water units , until the page is refreshed
    • [Advertisement] Game crashes if user buy and place item on his friend ranch
    • [Horse window pop-up] Scrolling arrows are not working for Mastery level
    • [Breeding] The Zealous talent that has been genetically shifted during the breeding process
    • [Out of horsebucks pop-up] While attempting to start a production cycle the pop-up does not appear
    • [Tutorial] The petting zoo is not available in a constructed state
    • [Task] Shop section is accessible on the riding pal ranch via task pop-up
    • [Tutorial] [Inventory] Inconsistency for plank and IOU observed after skipping tutorial
    • [Riding pal] Riding pal level 1 and 2 pop-ups are missing in the game
    • [Task][Ranch Decorator (1)] Incorrect triggering condition
    • [Purchase][Energy Pack] Inconsistency in price of last energy pack
    • [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text on Buy pop-up
    • [Loc] [FR/GR] Debug text on saddle dollar tool tip
    • [Wallpost] Incorrect headline for wall-post of the Carrying off a Cup event
    • [Achievements] Incorrect title text for decoration achievement
    • [Buildings] The item capacity does not increase even after a tool shed/food pantry is made on the ranch.
    • [Live][Buildings] Stable Hand Hut count down timer showing incorrect time after building it
    • [Buildings] Incorrect floating index appears for bakery
    • [Stable] Game crashes while upgrading 12/13th horse box of stable
    • [Gameplay] XP rewarded for bidding farewell to second horse does not get added
    • [Gameplay] XP rewarded for bidding farewell to horses disappears, when the page is refreshed
    • [Friends bar] [bottom HUD] Get now tab is not working
    • [Achievement Pop-up] Incorrect XP and Horse bucks information offered on the achievements pop-up
    • [Collectibles] Collectibles dropped don't get added to the Collectibles section till user mouse over the Collectible.
    • [User Issue] Rewarded XP does not get added to the XP bar
    • [Staffing] riding pal icon gets stuck on the screen collecting salary
    • [New Foal - Pop up] Player can use special character and symbols to write name of newly breed foal
    • [Selling] User can sell petting zoo while horse is performing an action
    • [Level Up Pop-up] Unnecessary 0 saddle dollar rewards appears on level up pop-up
    • [Inbox] The description of the job requests that appear in the inbox section gets truncated by the edge of the window
    • [Riding Pal] Riding Pal level 2 pop-up never appears during game-play if user skips tutorial
    • [Staffing][IE8] An error occurs on accepting staffing request from facebook notification tab
    • [Staffing] The game remains stuck on the loading screen, when the user hires a NPC employee
    • [Gifting][suggestion][feature-wish] An error occurs on rejection of gift
    • [Inbox][Fr] missing loca text appear when the inbox section is opened
    • [Staffing][Fr/Gr] missing loca text present on the job invitations api
    • [Staffing][suggestion][feature-wish] Multiple staffing req. of the same building do not disappear
    • [Flower Child Achievement pop-up] The graphical icon is missing on the FB post
    • [Gift] Improper gift alignment appears while accessing gift section
    • [Pop-up] Out of Energy and Haystack refill Pop-ups overlap with each other
    • [Riding pal] During a ranch visit, the game does not prompt the player that energy points have depleted.
    • [Loc][FR/GR][Saddle Dollar Pop-up] Text is not localised
    • [Buildings] The countdown timers for medium/large haystack and water troughs begin ...
    • [Live][Stable Pop-up] Tool tip appears out of pop up
    • [Task] SFX Sound is missing during naviagting tasks
    • [Horse actions] The word 'trough' mentioned in the tool-tip text for the Thirst action is spelled incorrectly
    • [Wallpost][Helped a Riding Pal Bonus] Incorrect text appears for the link on wall-post
    • [Wallpost] Text title missing on confirmation pop-up if user clicks on Missing Item wallpost
    • [Breeding] The talent acquired by a foal by using a splicer does not function
    • [Tasks] XP asset is missing on all task pop-up
    • [Expanding Pop-up] Quest information missing on task pop-up
    • [Collections] Game crashes with error #1009 after selecting stable when user collects production items
    • [Live][Breeding Mastery Pop-up] Game crashes on scrolling
    • [Live][Get Now] Game crashes with #1009 after constructing building on his riding pal's ranch
    • [Gifting] Gifts do not add up to inventory until the page is refreshed
    • [Gifting] Some gifts received by a user through notifications do not appear in the inbox
    • [Gifting] User can click on both Accept and Ignore gift options simultaneously
    • [Wallpost] Error occurs on accepting own wall-post
    • [Purchase] No warning is issued to the user, when he attempts to use Saddle-dollars to buy items that are already...
    • [Breeding] Boost pop-up missing over breeding station after breeding process completion
    • [Riding Pal] Riding Pal level 2 pop-up never appears during game-play if user skips tutorial
    • [Loc][FR/GR] Debug text appears when user buy energy pack beyond the inventory capacity
    • [Deeds] Incorrect behavior of the storage capacity increasing with the construction of the tool-shed
    • [Booster] Refill Supplies booster is not working properly
    • [Inbox][Fr] missing loca text appear when the inbox section is opened
    • [Collections] None of the collections can be redeemed for rewards
    • [Tutorial] An error occurs if user access the game tabs during tutorial and game gets stuck
    • [Live][Get Now] Game crashes with #1009 after constructing building on his riding pal's ranch
    • [Staffing] Staffing request never disappears from inbox even if user accept it
    • [Wall-post] User not getting a breeding badge when click on 'Get Breeding Badge' link from wall-post
    • [Collections] Redeemed XP gets disappear after refreshing browser
    • [Saddle Dollar] User can click to more than once to unlock any item and incorrect saddle dollars get deducted
    • [Buildings - Beauty Salon] The Beauty Salon requires 20 FBC for changing color but you can skip it for 2 FBC in a quest --> removed quest (also for existing users)
    • [Action buildings] User can buy and construct more than 4 Nursing stable/Stable
    • [Tutorial] [Inventory] Inconsistency for plank and IOU observed after skipping tutorial
    + 2 new items in game! Rising Horse Statue and Pink Flowerbed!New Splicers in game today Tuesday June 19th:Gender: Male/FemaleFacial Marking: No facial Marking/ BlazeHoof: Brown/ Light BrownLeg Marking: No leg Markings / SocksCoat: Rose Grey / WhiteHair: Rose Grey / WhiteLeopardLucky (level 9) in Reining
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    i see your prices are still pretty unreasonable. 300 gold for a stone or dirt path? and your timing. three hours or more to make a horse treat?
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    Wait, collecting composts uses energy now? Between that and and getting rid of all the weeds/trees, I haven't actually gotten to touch any of my horses yet today...and the weeds still aren't all gone. I really hope this isn't a permanent thing... For new players, composts are one of the ONLY reliable sources of income. Now they're going to have to spend all of their energy just to make enough money to play (and those of us who already have multiple composts will go through energy even faster...I have 7, that's 7 energy I need, EVERY 15 minutes).
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    And how about the people who have even more composts?! It's ridicuous to take energy away for that. I have ten horses, from which nine are still foals because I don't have enough energy to to raise and train them. And then all te horses we don't like have to be aged up to 70+ if you're on a high breeding mastery. I'm lucky if I can age my horse once a day, it's no fun anymore at all. I loved the game and the updates first showed that you really listened to use and thought about what we suggested, but now..
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    Collecting composts uses energy now

    I'm very upset with the new change of having to use energy just to collect my compost earnings! I have 12, but I know some friends who have 18 or more. I totally agree with Kholran that by the time we collect our compost piles and remove weeds and trees, collect our cookies and herb garden, and collect our earnings from our guest house- there is no energy remaining to work, train, and age our horses. This was a horrible change to the game and I, like everyone else, hope you will change it back as soon as possible. And, by the way: the friends names that have disappeared from the ranches/friends scroll at the bottom of the page still have not reappeared nor can I add them back- they're just gone. When will this be taken care of? Please go back to the way things were on the compost collections. Also, 50 FB points is alot for deeds. Can't you make it optional to also be able to use Horse Bucks (even if the amount is very costly) since we all can't afford to pay cash to get the deeds to expand. Please consider this. thanks
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    That's it, i quit, collecting from the compost requires energy, thanks for screwing up the only way to actually make any money for this game
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    I agree with everyone else here. that is stupid we have to lose more energy to collect our compost piles now! I don't know how you think we can make money to add to our farms if we have to choose between bring up out horses, collecting carrots and apples, or collecting out compost piles. Also agree that the bakery is to slow! We can only hold 5 of each, if you have 5 or more horse's its impossible to get enough cookies fast enough with having to give them for ever training time. I also noticed another thing! I am NOT getting deeds now for visiting and working on my friends farms. It aid,"oops, your inventory is full, so i went and checked it, said I have 3 deeds of 20?? What is with that???
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    Wow - some fantastic updates - thanks!

    But I agree the compost needing energy to collect is pretty awful. I may just stop playing until this is fixed as I'm not able to do anything with my horses at the moment anyway.
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    I like most of the changes...all except one! I mentioned this in another post...we should NOT have to use energy to collect carrots, apples, herbs, bakeries, guest houses or compost heaps!!!!! Energy does not regenerate fast enough for the game to work smoothly if we are using all of our energy just for maintenance! Most of us only get to play once a day and if we only have 28 energy points, that is used in removing all the weeds and trees from the farm. Not to mention collecting all of the other things! At this point, most of us don't even get to touch our horses!!! Please do yourselves a favor and change it back.
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    Originally Posted by bhavenarabs Go to original post
    I also noticed another thing! I am NOT getting deeds now for visiting and working on my friends farms. It aid,"oops, your inventory is full, so i went and checked it, said I have 3 deeds of 20?? What is with that???
    You don't get deeds for visiting, I'm afraid, you get IOUs - which are only used (as far as I can tell) to build composters, which are now totally useless because of this stupid change that means you have to use energy to collect from them.

    For heaven's sake, I'm at level 30 (the highest level) and have a statue-thingy, so I have a max of 34 energy to start with - but first time through, I have more weeds and trees to clear than I can do with that much energy (why do they think there should be so many weeds etc growing?! surely half a dozen between logging-ins would be plenty?!); so I go visiting friends to get more, and second time through now I have to use it to collect from my composters - that's two complete lots of energy and I haven't so much as touched a horse yet! Yet if I go away to let the energy build up again - when I come back I have tons of weeds and full composters again. How can we win?!

    I'm sorry, but I really don't think the developers of this game have the faintest idea what they're doing! (1) Everything requires a friend to staff it - every herb garden, building, orchard, carrot field and EVERY SINGLE HORSE BOX, but nobody can hold more than one job - just how many game-playing friends do they think we have?! (2) the prices are totally unrealistically high (300 coins for one bit of path or fence, 1000s for almost everything else) with no proper way of earning a decent income, (3) everything you do costs more than you gain from it - even training and showing the horses requires 3 energy and several treats (at ~100 horsebucks each) per go, with rewards being ~40 horsebucks if you're lucky; and now (4) the SINGLE possible way to earn income costs you all your energy to gain it, thereby leaving you unable to play anyway!

    Come on, Devs, get yourselves sorted! Are you TRYING to drive away all possible players?!
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