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    Ok I understand that you have to use all your breeding badges when you breed your horse - but when the game transferred the breeding badges from the horses to the "owner's" inventory, mine went away. Those 19 breeding badges my horses (now retired) earned are GONE. And those horse can't earn them any more. I would really like those 19 restored to my inventory. (Though I guess if they are added back, not sure how I can use that many at one time). I'm hoping from the owner's inventory, you don't have to use ALL of them every time you breed! Thanks for getting this fixed!

    OH, and thank-you for lowering the time to back cookies and for the herb garden to grow! That is wonderful!
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    Hey Diania,

    Thanks for the explanation, In this case, please reach out to our customer support to ask for your compensation. http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answ...st/p/2070,2463 From here, you can log in with FB and "Ask a question" to the customer support team.

    Today brought a new version of the game!

    Special mention:

    § Water/Hay supply buildings have no boost button until they're empty
    § Energy and coin generators have no boost buttons anymore
    § Implemented the "select all"-button for friend inviting (max. 50 friends can be selected).
    § Horses are now moveable (left click to selct your horse and click where you want it to move. It'll walk all the way there)
    § Farmstead generates Horse Bucks now
    § Snapshot feature activated

    Fixed bugs:

    § [Horse Profile Window] User can access the horse profile window while the horse action timer is running
    § [Tutorial] The user can move the horse during the tutorial with the left-mouse button
    § [Tutorial/Riding pal] An error occurs when user removes the weed on Michelle's ranch and the game gets stuck
    § [Riding Pal Visit] User can't visit the Michelle's ranch
    § [Stable] Game crashes if user selects close option from stable pop-up [Tutorial] The user can get stuck,if the inbox with pending gift requests opens after the tutorial loads
    § [Add Friends Pop-up] The SFX is missing for the "Set MAX" button [Snapshot - Full screen] User can't write text on snapshot pop-up during full screen view
    § [Live][Incentive Friend Request] User not getting a saddle dollar if he do not refresh after adding riding pal
    § [Map - Hot Spot] The Ho t-spot popup incorrectly appears as a tool tip after the user completes a competition event
    § [Tutorials] User is able to access other objects in the area of focus over Michelle's icon during the tutorials
    § [Riding pal visit]The favor feedback text does not appear when a user attempts to perform more than 5 favors
    § [Treat production - pop up] Treat production attributes are missing on production pop up
    § [Buildings] User can't boost the horse bucks production from farmstead as the radial menu is too far from farmstead
    § [sign-post] [building upgrade pop-up] Improper information displayed on the pop-up
    § [Inventory] Incorrect start amount of IOU for new player at the end of tutorials if skipped
    § [Boost production - pop up] Sound FX is missing for selecting boost option on any production pop up
    § [Breeding] XP received for breeding a horse does not add to XP bar until the page is refreshed
    § [Live] [Missing construction item pop-up] The graphical icon is missing from the FB post
    § [Shop section][Horses] When a horse from the second page is unlocked, the first page of horses cannot be viewed
    § [Mastery training] Horse bred using the zealous talent splicer do not progress beyond mastery level 1
    § [Live][Actions] Michelle gets available to cheer even if selected her to cheer previously
    § [Broncopolis - wood cup] Even after completing reining competition races horse is unable to participate barrel racing
    § [Riding pal visit] Booster effects are incorrectly displayed on the neighbors horse icon
    § [Inventory] Monument building is improperly aligned in inventory section
    § [Move Action] Incorrect behavior is observed, when the user moves a building, while a horse is performing actions in it.
    § [ Riding pal's ranch] The Hand cursor does not appear, when the mouse is moved over the Home button
    § [Boost pop-up] The numerical amount is not indicated at the bottom of the icon.
    § [Main HUD] The Gear icon for the settings menu is misaligned.
    § [Gifting] Michelle's icon on the friends bar has a gift button
    § [Foal Preview pop-up]A word are missing from the description text of all the tool-tips
    § [Foal Preview pop-up] Tool-tips are missing for modifications/splicers available in the Talent section
    § [Buildings][Beauty Salon] The right side of the Confirm button does not function
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    Thank-you Xhane! I have contacted the customer support team, and hopefully they will be able to restore my lost breeding badges!
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    We had a new version in game yesterday as well to fix some issues of performance some players were experiencing.

    Special mention:

    § Changed the embedding of the SWF which should increase the performance

    Fixed bugs:

    § [Breeding Paddock - Partner Selection] Incorrect image appears for Independence horse on partner selection pop-up
    § [No path found -pop up] No path found pop-up is missing if user sends horse to path blocked area
    § [LOC][Gr] The Task skip text spills-out of the button and overlaps the Saddle dollar amount
    § [Banner Links] The shop pop-up spams behind other pop-ups when clicked on repeatedly
    § [LIVE] signpost buildings upgrades are already unlocked on LIVE server
    § [Foal Preview pop-up]A word are missing from the description text of all the tool-tips
    § [LOC][Gr] The Task skip text spills-out of the button and overlaps the Saddle dollar amount
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    I guess the new change which is made for using energy for collecting compost earnings as a disappointment , i found it as a creepy, it makes more complicated. Rest of changes are kind of well and makes it well.
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    Good morning
    Where can find the thoroughbred club
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    I noticed this was posted back in 2012 and hope to god things have changed since then! My dilemma is that the game won’t play the videos for me to collect the rewards. I’ve missed so many diamonds and coins on a daily basis it’s ridiculous! I swap from my iPhone to iPad and OCCASIONALLY THAT WORKS and when I say occasionally I mean rarely!
    Also there is just not enough storage! Please do something about the above mentioned and the glitches, especially the ones when you’re in a race and you use diamonds or real money to go as far as possible and when the game glitches you lose your money, diamonds and horse energy but you don’t receive the distance record! Please help! Very frustrated and I don’t want to delete the game.
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