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    Rocksmith freezing on PS3

    Hey all,
    I wanted to post a new thread about the freezing during events on the PS3. I am pretty upset about this. I have gone so far as to try a different copy of the game. This didn't work so I bought a new PS3 250 gb. It helped a little but the freezing is still ocurring. It completely freezes my system to where I have to turn it off to reset. I have tried multiple times to communicate this with the techs at Ubisoft. I am not getting responses. I see that others are having this issue too. I really enjoy the game and hope that this issue can be reslolved. It is very frustrating to qualify for events and to have it all dashed for some crappy glitch. I am fan blowing my PS3 to see if it was a heat issue. Please help!!! I have invested alot of time and money into this game. I need answers now!!!!

    Thanks, Brent
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    Simple solution? Sell ps3 and buy an Xbox 360.
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    I'm not a PS3 owner, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

    It is a known issue, with the PS3.

    There is a fix in the current patch, but it is not a complete fix.

    They are working on more fixes, in the next patch.

    People with PS3s tend to work around the freezing by removing songs from sets, and other things. You can google it, or look around this forum.

    What you are exerpiencing has been discussed here in length already. Not that that helps, but you are not a lone, and others have some answers.
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    Alright. I had the same problem too. I was trying to unlock the bonus songs forever. Like 30 events and most ending in an a freeze. I read on the forums of people deleting their Rocksmith Profile and rocksmith saves installed on PS3. I did this and played the game with no DLCs.. I ended unlocking all the songs and with no freezes. So I think 2 things might be the problem. Either the Game Saves get corrupted or the DLCs cause freeze ups.

    Deleting your profile is no big deal. I did it and quickly unlocks songs and leveled up quickly.

    If you are trying to unlock songs delete your profile. Level up 4 songs and play only those songs in your events. Take the other songs out. You will get 110% RSP to trigger encore and double encores.

    There is an problem with PS3 but Rocksmith won't say it.
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    I play on the PS3 and have no problems with lockups save once or twice. Just lucky I guess.

    Here is a link to rebuilding the PS3 database. It seems to make sense with what others are experiencing here and other forums/games.


    Please let us know if it works.
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    im on a ps3 and this hapen to me today but the problem was i was playing the same song twice uno simlge another combo then come the bonus and ply the song 3 times , so dont repeat songs so u can make it
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    ijust dont play thar song twice in the event and was the solution no more freze and i get a doble encore now im level 10 yeahhhhhhhhh
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    This was a MAJOR issue before the patch. Now it is far less common. Have you patched your version of the game? If not I would recommend doing so ASAP. That said I had my first freeze up in months last night, it is frustrating but there are work arounds. In this case I just added the song they gave me as an encore into my setlist, and played the whole set over again. It's kind of annoying but I need the practice anyway. Another option is to play badly enough to not get an encore, since encores seem to be the prime culprit in freezing.

    Oh ya, if you haven't patched, stay away from Tom Petty's "Good Enough"
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    how do i patch.

    Hey there,
    Thanks for the responses. I want to make sure that I am patching the right way. Is there an Icon or something to tell you where the patch is? I believe that all updates are current. Any help would be great.
    Thanks, Brent
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    If you're online when starting the game, it should force you to get the patch.
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