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    A THOUSAND THANKS my Russian friend. I don't think I will ever tire of your masterpiece-
    It is in a class by itself. Thank you-

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    Happy, happy, joy, joy....
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    The add on is cool...it will add a year of life to the sim...

    The ultimate complement...Oleg...please keep them coming and I will keep on buying them
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    HAPPY! HAPPY! I just got it today and there`s a load great about it! And the AI has CHANGED- BIG TIME!


    Achtung! IT`S HERE!
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    AEP is super

    I've discovered a new FB love: the P-38.... what an excellent plane!

    Oh, and the Me-163 is an absolute hoot

    AEP, yet more Maddox magic....... can we even begin to imagine how great BoB will be?

    "As weaponry, both were good, but in far different ways from each other. In a nutshell, I describe it this way: if the FW 190 was a sabre, the 109 was a florett, or foil, like that used in the precision art of fencing." - Gunther Rall

    Look Noobie, we already told you, we don't have the Patch!
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    Very Happy here. It still amazes me everytime I try something new.


    Coasties Place
    Coasties FB and ATI settings

    Click here to find out more about FIGHTER SWEEPS 2

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    I see Seafire finally got his hands on the Spit

    "Happy" is an understatement. So manu new planes, a much better DM in my opinion, and finally, FINALLY, some bombs for the He-111 so that i can stop being the allies' laughing stock in my squad

    An excellent add-on. Some bugs here and there, but they've been take care of as far as i know, and every software has bugs. Bravo.
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    It's not just an add on - it's a lifestyle.
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    Bump.... Enjoying it...

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    where can I get the ace expansion pack?
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