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    A Clipped Wing P-40??

    Was checking out some info about the Burma Banshee's fighter squadrons that operated in Burma and came across this photo that very much looks like a P-40N with it's wings clipped. Notice the position of the aileron on the wing. Or maybe it is just the position of the aircraft when the photo was taken that gives it a clipped look. If it is I wonder how it flew.


    I have also read that a Kittyhawk MKIV flown by SL Jack Doyle of 450 SQ had an accident that damaged one of the wing tips. So they cut the other wing and plugged the ends.
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    Hi Woofiedog,

    It think its the angle of the photo that's giving the illusion of clipped wings.

    Would look pretty cool though!
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    As SS mentioned, the wings are not clipped. The illusion is caused by the fact that a P-40's wingtips taper upwards to a sharp edge, not a round one. A good 3-view diagram should show this.
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    Looks interesting indeed, but I agree it's the illusion - if you check the position of nav light on closest (normal) and clipped wing, you can see it's in both cases a fair bit from the tip (which wouldn't be the case on the clipped wing).

    Would look cool tho, and push already awesome roll rate even further (into a Fw zone!).
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    P-40Q, a cool 'what-if?' airplane.
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    Spotted a photo of a P-40 of the 89th FS/80FG. Different angle showing a rounded wingtip.
    Bunch of other interesting photos aswell.
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    Camera angle again?

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    No P40s had clipped wings.

    The "Q" had a completely different laminar flow wing with squared tips, it was not "clipped".

    There was no reason to clip the P40's wings in any case as it had a very high roll rate.

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    I have to differ with you about the wings of the P-40Q being just squared off and not clipped.

    The first ZP-40Q was a P-40K-10, s/n 42-9987 that was fitted with a new cooling system, with a four blade propeller and longer nose. The radiators were moved under the fuselage with the intakes between the undercarriage legs. The second ZP-40Q was a P-40K, s/n 42-45722 that had a reduced chin cowl installed, four blade propeller, clipped wing tips (at a later date), with an Allison V-1710-121 fitted with a 2-stage supercharger and water injection that was capable of 1425hp and powering the aircraft up to 422 mph. The third XP-40Q was a P-40N, s/n 43-24571 and basically had the same modification as the second.


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