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    Online key provided is invalid

    Hello i Purchased "Splinter Cell : Conviction Through Gamestop impulse . install the game and to make sure everything is validated , and UPLAY says my online key provided is invalid. wondering if you can h elp me out , And i cant "link" my splinter cell account with my UPLAY account which is odd.
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    Also checked to see if all my ports were forwarded correctly because i cant even connect to the multiplayer servers ingame , game is patched to current build ... ran the port checker tool and everything is fine ....
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    Hey a7xdeity

    First, you will need to make sure that you are entering the letters in capital and include the dashes. Also do not copy and paste the key into the key field. You will need to enter it manually.

    If you continue to get the invalid key error you will need to contact Ubisoft Support

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    Contacted support via phone and he couldn't help me either , like i entered the code in and tahts it , i can play the game but only singleplayer......everytime i click on uplay it says online code is invalid.
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    This is a problem with the company... its a worthless company, they enjoy taking your money and giving you a game that won't work. If you ask a CSR to help, good luck they haven't seen the ball since the kick off. I bought this game many months back, reformatted my PC months back, but I re downloaded it other day on steam, tried to log on my normal account, but it wouldn't work! lol they want me to pay for another game, to get a new CD-Key... I already bought one CD-Key not buying another. I have never cared much for UBIsoft as a company, they have poor customer service, I have had problems with them in the past, and its why I am a hard sell with buying any product from them.

    As example, I had a problem with BF3, I gave EA my phone number through message at midnight, American called me and fixed my problem in less than 5mins.... Unisoft hasn't fixed anything after 2 emails, tons of messages, and now I guess I will have to call them, but I read that don't even work either.... LOL! FFS this company sucks!!
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    I've just bought the game and i already have a Ubisoft account, so i activate the key in this account, but when i entered the game i was only able to play the campaign, the game won't find any multiplayer matches and uplay says that my key is invalid, I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME I'VE BOUGHT!
    Update: Hey, just to let you guys know: i updated my game to 1.04 and the key issue was gone, now i can play multiplayer matches and all that stuff!
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