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    P-51D-25NA Skin Request "Shangri-La" Leadspitter & Bear Bordin" skin by

    I've seen a P-51D skin of the shangri-la and i know that skin was done by Bear Bordin and shined by leadspitter but i don't find these skin .bmp around the web. Is there any chance that someone can share the requested skin for me please??
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    Locating Leadspitter's skins is getting a bit harder these days and there are only a few sites with any of them still available. Can not at the time find Leadspitter's Shangri-La at any of the sites... only these P-51 skins of Leadspitters and skin packages with a combination of skinner's.




    But here are a few excellent Shangri-La skins by Cannon, Vpmedia and Harpia Mafra55.



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    Could these be the skins you are looking for?

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    That is the one... thank's for posting.
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    Yeah this is the one im looking for.......thanks a lot
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