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    Some bugs and a suggestion...

    Basically, we need a much more extensive guide. One key thing that needs to be explained, is exactly how long each crop can be left unattended, after it's finished growing, before it will wilt. It seems that, for example, with the fries, I can't for the life of me seem to get to them in time, unless I leave a lot of energy available, with the game left open, while they grow, and I keep checking back every 5 minutes. Over half of the time, if I let them sit for 5 minutes past their 30 to grow, they wilt and need someone to fertilize them back to normal. This happens to be the biggest annoyance so far, but not the only one. The other issue I have, is that I'll be in-game, having just accomplished a task, and the game loses server connection and needs to be reloaded. When it reloads, everything is acting weird, such as coins or rabbids not appearing when I click on buildings. Also, after it has to reload, if it does so immediately after I click to gather my coins or rabbids, when it finally does reload, it'll show that I have NO ENERGY, but the last few actions are reset and need to be done again (such as collecting coins or rabbids). This has happened to me over 20 times in the last 5 days alone. I figured it wouldn't be getting worse, but I was apparently wrong in thinking so. Also, whenever a friend sends me an energy boost, it lets me accept it, but it never actually gives it to me. Everything else does just fine, such as sausages, etc., but not the energy. I've missed out on no less than 5 energy boosts already because of this, and it's aggravating. If I find anything else, I'll post them, but for now these are the key issues for me. Thanks
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    Thanks for your report!

    We are aware of the loading/reloading issues and we are working on it. For the guide, we'll work on a more detailed info guide and post it in the coming weeks.

    About the crops, the chicken and crops in TP won't ever wilt.

    For the others, the time it can be left unattended is twice the time it takes to grow. For example, the garlic takes 3h hours to grow. It will take 6 hours to wilt.
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