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    Awesome! The game seems really good
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    Conviction: PC Controls

    Originally Posted by bgfgty65 Go to original post
    you forgot about the stealth other than that i rather like your list, most likely Splinter Cell 6 will be more like Conviction anyways
    At the risk of replying / asking questions in a very very old post, But folks I am stuck..

    How to switch between left handed and right handed aiming in the middle of the game, in Conviction: PC version?
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    Getting cancer when reading these "suggestions". The only real Splinter Cells are the ones from first to Double Agent and then the downhill literally starts, I wanna see new Splinter Cell that is following the older SC's footsteps! Splinter Cell was always based on stealth in the beginning but in the latest titles it basically became Assassins Creed in the clothes of Splinter Cell
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    OMG with those list ... Just give me the damn came

    ... Just give me the damn came w-e stories, quality's always been there as far as i'm concerned, which is why I keep buying it , …. at different level of appreciation , I loved them all .. ssssssoooooo. F*ck the list and pleeeeeease I wanna know WHEN .. *sigh* ty for reading
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    I did mean *Game*.
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    Well, it would be nice if they even announced the game. But even if they did, I'm pretty sure it will be Games as a Service. And I'm not sure how that would be compatible with a SC Stealth game.
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    1. if open world then by no means one of these uniform and static open worlds according to ubisoft formula!

    2. NO lootboxes, also NO other gambling mechanisms, NO "micro" transactions

    3. NO torture or reactionary porn. Or other questionable political statements.
    I didn't find it very pleasant when Sam broke into a torture prison in the last SC to torture a defenseless prisoner himself instead of stopping the torture.
    Apart from that I am also unsure what the legitimate political demand "bring our troops home" has to do with terrorism.

    4. considering that Michael Ironside, due to his age / health, can no longer play Sam the way he used to, it would be time to let him step aside and introduce a new protagonist.
    Sam would then become the new Lambert and we would slip into the role of a young and new agent. - Apart from that, Sam is also no longer at the age to sneak around and climb with agility and suppleness.

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