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    Sound issues in Prince of Persia Trilogy HD Collection

    Just started to play the Hd trilogy for the playstation 3. After looking up reviews on amazon and gamefaqs the issues with horrible sound quality seem to be experienced by everyone. So far i have only played Pop: the sands of time HD. I think the graphics look great and haven't had any issues with the game freezing. But man is the sound quality garbage. Its so bad it makes me want to just throw the game away Do people on these forums not care or do the posts just get removed by the moderators?

    examples listed by other are as follows:

    -"The sound is pretty poor in SoT, it starts and stops mid-song, and it's rather distracting."

    -"The Sands of Time" has some serious sound issues, where the dialogue is almost impossible to hear and sound effects feel misplaced. There are echoes when the characters are outdoors, and the sounds of swords clashing are 100 times louder than the music."

    -"But it's a real shame that "The Sands of Time" and "Warrior Within" have such shockingly awful sound quality, where the way my camera is aimed can determine whether I get a crisp clear sound or a soft whisper. And's not my TV or system, because none of my other games or consoles have this problem."

    -"Difficult to control the sound. The reload screen has very loud music, while in game sounds are a lot softer."

    - "Pretty much all of the sound effects from the Prince's movements echo during gameplay, even when there's no reason for it. All three games are plagued by this.

    In The Sands of Time, there are additional sound issues. For example, in the treasure vault where you first encounter spiked poles, their sound effects don't trigger until you're standing right on top of them. When you finally do hear them, they sound very loud and unnatural. This applies to other ambient background noise like water dripping, fire crackling, etc. These sounds are appropriately quiet in my original PS2 copy, but in this version they're near max volume in some areas."

    -"The sound quality in all three games is atrocious, to the point of making the games completely unplayable."

    - "The sound fxs are WAY too loud: scampering bugs and cries drill into your skull with a series of repetitive onslaughts. The music is WAY too soft: unless the other tracks are turned completely down it is inaudible. Lastly, the volume of speech differs between in-game cinematics and cut-scenes. Therefore, it is either blaring or completely underwhelming."

    -"Effects are also frequently absent or out of place: explosions and rock slides may have no audio whatsoever, while a water fountain at the end of a hallway booms with the verocity of Niagra Falls. Between the abhorrent tonal qualities and discontinuous sounds the audio is beyond mere mediocrity. Not only that, dolby digital doesn't work properly and the sound needs to be set to 2 channels."

    -"It'd be nice to also have all three games in one package to save some shelf space. However after having played more, I've decided not to buy.

    Reason being is the sound translation for The Sands of Time is TERRIBLE. I've never heard such inconsistency and buginess when it comes to sound in any game ever, it's almost to the extent of being broken at some points. Sound effects for objects/events far off in the distance blast through the speakers while ones close are almost inaudible, sometimes there's no effects at all or they drop in and out, and oftentimes they cycle over and over and I had no idea where they were coming from. I could hear traps going off two rooms away. The range of volume is all over the place and I had to continually turn my speakers down for fights, then all the way up all other times to be able to hear. Keep in mind I'm only talking about TsoT here. It very quickly became intolerable to play, and I have NO idea how this got past QA. Truly, truly awful and trust me when I say this is not a small issue. It was so bad I could not continue playing."

    -" Bad things: As another guy says, it has a lot of bugs specially in Sands of Time, also sometimes the voices are lowder than the music or the sound effects."

    -"I order this from Amazon and was disappointed. First, the sound and sfx is terrible. The sound echos and voice acting can be hard to hear."

    - "The audio does it's best to ruin it, though. All the dialogue (ALL of it) has an echo-ey effect on it. Fine for the cavernous interiors, but it persists when you're outside, which sounds bizarre. The effect goes up and down too, sometimes making the dialogue impossible to make out, sometimes it skips out entirely. A lot of the Prince's inner monologue seems to get keyed to bits of scenery- the closer you get to a chair, say, the louder your thoughts, as if the chair is speaking to you in your own voice."

    -"The sound effects sound like they are coming out of a sewer pipe."

    -"I can't hear the the dialogue."

    -"No 5.1 dolby mixing?"

    - "I just got this and I'm also experiencing trouble with low audio when they talk. I had to adjust the sound to max voices and drop the other 2 options down to a couple bars.
    Even then I have to turn my TV up almost twice as much as normal just to hear what's being said. I hope they patch this soon."

    -"right about the dialogue though, started playing sot last night and i had to crank the volume during cutscenes just to be able to hear them."

    -"Good to know I'm not the only one with complaints for audio. I just picked it up and noticed the problem with audio. Generally on a surround sound system dialogue is delivered through the center channel speaker, esp during cutscenes. I notice that my center just doesn't seem to properly play it, but rather dialogue goes through the left, right and sometimes back speakers, getting drowned out among the other sounds. This never happens in any other games so I guess it's just poor directing of audio on this one."

    -"This game had a patch to fix sound yet??"

    - "This lazy PS3 port is barely enjoyable right now, what with the messed up sound and everything. Every once in a while I boot up the game again, hoping to see there's a patch available, but nothing yet so far. Have Ubisoft even acknowledged the problems with this game yet?"

    -"Well, in reaction to what people said, I dug up an old copy of PoPSoT for the PS2 and played it for a few minutes. Yes, the sound quality is generally low and things tend to sound pretty muffled, but there's definitely no messed up underwater-like echo to the sound effects like there is in the PS3 port.

    Yet still no patch for the PS3 version. *sigh*"

    -"Playing the game in stereo instead of 5.1 surround sound makes things a lot better. The echo is not entirely gone, but it's a lot less noticeable, and all the sound is played at the right volume levels, so at least you can hear what people are saying in cutscenes.

    This way, the game is at least decently playable, so I suppose I'll be able to somewhat enjoy it now. Still, having to switch my PS3 to stereo and back every time I want to play the game is a pain."

    -" The sound is glitchy and full of soul crushing echo. :'( My ears are crying as I type."

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read through these quotes that are just a few of the crazy amount of problems that have been found by loyal customers who actually love these games and can't stand wasting money on broken games. Ubisoft has had plenty of time to release a quick patch to fix the dolby digital 5.1 audio. As far as the gameplay issues go according to many of the people who have commented on other sites they have always been present.

    These sound issues are new to this collection specifically and should be patched. These are great games that should be fixed.

    I'd loved to hear comments from anyone on these forums and i'd be extremely surprised if the moderators don't lock or remove this post. Who knows, maybe if enough people ask them to fix it they will.
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    Couldn't agree with you more on everything you said.

    It's a scandal and should be fixed, but it seems Ubisoft doesn't really care. I've made several "Questions" on their support page, but nothing works.
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    SOLVED... I hope :S

    I believe I have resolved the issue on my PS3.
    It was a case of entering the PS3 settings/audio settings/manual and unticking the box for DD5.1. Now some people will not want to disable it as they may have a different sound system but for 90% of you I think (I hope) it will solve the problem with the echo and the odd sounds.
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    Sorry for digging up such an old thread, but I think it's good to spread additional awareness about this god awful "remaster". On top of the most atrocious and utterly bugged sound mixing I've ever heard (detailed above), the games are just blatant 720p upscales of PS2 originals. Even main menus are pixelated
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