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    Ubiart Framework

    It was earlier announced when Rayman Origin was announced that the engine could be donwloaded (for free?) and others could make games with it. What happened with that? Is it still coming? Decided not to do so? I'd love to get my hands on that engine to make my own platformer .
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    That is a question I would like to know the answer too as well. Some people say that Ubisoft may be obliged to give the source out for free as they got a goverment grant to make the engine, dedicated to supporting the arts. Since its to promote the arts and its effictively public funding they may have to give it out for free.
    But thats just what some people are saying.

    An update would be nice though, for us to know what is happening. Cause the engine seems pretty amazing.
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    yeah i was looking for that engine too, its still not released as i see(( shame
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    Has there been any more news about this. I find it interesting that I cant find anything about it online.
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    Could this engine be used to create RPG's like Baldur's gate 2 , Planescepe torment ?
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    Still no news on this on 2015?

    Since the original post of this thread, Ubisoft has gone on creating further Ubiart games, like Rayman Legends, Child of Light, Valiant Hearts and Assasin's Creed Chronicles, not to mention the mobile Rayman games (Jungle Run and Fiesta Run).

    So it seems the UbiArt Framework is at least moderately profitable for UbiSoft.
    Does that mean they are not releasing its engine anytime soon?
    Where's the source that said that they were "obliged" to do it?
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    At present the engine is 'in house only' - if this changes it will be announced!
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    Then you might want to watch over what the man that inspired, supervised, and created the engine, Michel Ancel, says to the media:


    As it is, right now, being that an article from 2011, Ubisoft just seems like a bunch of people afraid of some other guys making better games than them using your own engine.

    Nevertheless, Moon Studios seem like they don't need it with his "Ori and the Blind Forest".

    So yeah, Ubisoft being Ubisoft. What's new on that.
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