- User may have to reload to see the Meat Machine in his inventory or to be able to place it on the map through the quest’s button “Place”. >> WORKING ON IT

Some players can't see their neighbors in the leaderbar (Some can see them but a few are missing) >> WORKING ON IT

Some players can't complete buildings >> WORKING ON IT

- Server issues causing Lag and disconnections >> WORKING ON IT
We have server issues at the moment so you may experience lag and connection loss, mostly at peak hours. We are working on fixing this issue as soon as possible.

Some players have a negative amount of cans >> WORKING ON IT

Some players are having issues when sending request to friends to become neighbors (one player might not see the other added to their neighbors)>> WORKING ON IT

Accepting items request causes the accept buttons to sometimes lose their functionality >>FIXED
Going back in-game and reloading the inbox afterward fixes the issue temporarily. Go back and repeat this step as many times as needed to receive all the gifts.

Some users don’t get rewards from Uplay Trial Pay >> FIXED

Some Uplay actions aren't taken into account>> FIXED

· Some players can't harvest crops >> FIXED

· Select all may not work if player has friends that do not play anymore in his friends list >> FIXED

· Gift notification may be invisible*>> FIXED

· Html menu « tabs » are mixed up, wallposts/promo codes and and webcodes redeem are affected >> FIXED

· Gift request in inbox redeems the gift on the wrong account >>

· Item Request might now show up on the account before 60 minutes >>

· Some players cannot search for friends in full screen >>

· Missing Icon for gift notification >>

· In the progression milestone, when an old account re-log, he should not get the Milestone popup with more than 1 roll >>

· In the friend selector (invite/gift/hired) when clicking on select all with more than 50 friends, Facebook returns an error >>
-Problems when watching videos:

Some Firefox users on Windows Vista and Windows 7 are experiencing problems when viewing videos in Adobe Flash Player 11.3, released on June 8, 2012. Firefox and/or Flash Player may crash or not load videos using Flash Player, or videos may not display correctly. Adobe and Mozilla are working closely to diagnose and address these issues. In the meantime, Firefox users experiencing problems viewing videos in Flash Player should try the workarounds listed in this help article. We will post an update on this blog once that happens.

- Problems with the "Dress-up" menu. >> FIXED

For people who have issues opening the dress up. Some players tried this and it helped a lot opening the dress up:

1. Click on the following link or any link shared by another player leading to the “Dress up”
a. http://apps.facebook.com/rabbidsinva...377e3d1e00006a

2. In the page, click on Rabbidize a friend (Cretinize un lapin)
3. Create an avatar, once it is done, close the dress up with the X button and enter the game
4. Warning: Anything they do on that page won’t count for quest completion! However, it will load the needed data and the dress-up will load in-game more often.

5. After the loading screen, wait for the game to finish loading completely (all buildings have appeared on the map)
6. Click once on the rabbid’s head icon above the leaderboard
7. Wait for the dress up window to load (if it’s more than 30s, reload the game)

- Loss of functionality – Can’t do anything in-game, just look and use the menu >> FIXED

- If you uninstall the game, you'll be brought back to Level 1 in game when you re-install. >>WORKING ON IT
If this happens to you, please send a ticket to Customer Support so we can retreive your data back: http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answ...st/p/2070,2454, from here, login and "Ask a question"

- Rolls/coins are not updated directly after buying them, players have to reload. >> FIXED

-Community Buildings can’t be completed (friends’ help is not saved) >> FIXED

- Loss of functionality when opening the Dress up >> FIXED

Players may get stuck in loading when changing world >> FIXED

- Quests/Quest steps/Building already done come back and can’t be completed –
Rollback + may cause de-synchronization and the previous issue. >> FIXED

- Issue with XP and leveling up >> FIXED

- Mail box blocks >> FIXED

The maximum of visible mails is now of 25 to avoid issues.

- 12 sausage pack issue >> FIXED
When buying the 12 sausage pack, the player doesn’t receive the good number of sausages. It is a known issue and it will be fixed on 2012-04-24.

- Negative number of cans >> FIXED
When harvesting cans, you might get a negative number of crops.

Language Issue >> FIXED
There is actually a language issue in the game : players can only play the game in english.

Inventory Items >> FIXED
There is also another issue, the game sometimes crashes when players try to use inventory items.