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    Here is what I have.

    A Yamaha THR10C 10W amp. It connects to the computer and I can feed my play to the computer.
    A Boss Katana 50 50W Amp. Same deal, but cost less than the Yamaha. I keep both because the Yamaha is much more portable.

    Reaper. A DAW. Fifty dollars.
    Audacity. Free, but not nearly as good as Reaper.
    I also have CuBase AI, a free deal I got through the Yamaha above.

    If you're miccing, you'll need an audio interface. A Scarlett Solo is about $129 or so.

    I have other gear, but it's irrelevant to the OP, except make sure you get a good cable.

    Lastly, you can't plug directly into the computer. You need a pre-amp to boost the signal. Combo amps (both of mine are combos) have this built-in.

    Another option is a multi-effect pedal board, but they don't start getting good until they are about $400-500, unless you buy used.
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    Lol Gold_Jim. BTW, I was just reading about their last album they did after she passed away. They used her demo vocals.
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