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    How many games, in total, are there?

    I haven't bought a Sturmovik game since Pacific Fighters and really haven't played anything in a long time.

    Just wondering, if I wanted to catch up, what new games are there? And are they able to be installed into one game, like how pacific fighters, forgotten battles and the aces expansion were?

    I googled and only found something about a PE-2 add-on and Manchuria add-on (which I have no idea what they actually are), cliffs of dover (is that game really as bad as people say it is?) and stuff about Storm of War: Battle of Britain. Is there anything else to get the full range?
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    Yes, there is something else: IL-2 Sturmovik 1946.
    Which is basically all the 'products' you mentioned in one package.
    It might still be available on DVD somewhere, but it's also available via download. Price is low.

    For 1946 several patches have been created, currently we're on version 4.11m, and a new patch is being worked on.

    Apart from this stock versions, there are MOD packs available, use google to find out more about them.

    Have Fun!
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    Plus IL2: Cliffs of Dover (forum at http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.p...liffs-of-Dover) which is a completely new game engine, not a continuation of the original IL2 series. CoD is better than it was at release and there are some major upgrade patches still forthcoming which should improve it further. On the other hand it only has the Battle of Britain aircraft and map in it so far, it'll be quite a while before it can offer anything close the range of aircraft and theatres available in 1946.
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