Thursday, March 29, 10 PM EST
Game Version: UP 3.0 RC4

Ace pilots and rookies alike, test your skills in this incredibly difficult flight! Launch from the aircraft carrier and coordinate simultaneous strikes on the Italian Regia Marina and their air base at Pantelleria.

Mission Briefing:

Pilots of 810 Sqn and 806 Sqn will be working closely together for this mission, and for that reason we are briefing you together in the same Ready Room. Shut up, grab your pencils and maps, and prepare to write this down.

Here we go: As you know, last year on June 25, 1940, the French capitulated to Germany and their armistice went into effect. One month later, while inspecting the shipyards at Marseille, the Germans found the incomplete hulls of two aircraft carriers, both in dry dock and waiting for parts. Kreigsmarine High Command under Doenitz mobilized immediately to bring these ships operational. One ship went to Italy under the name 'Aquila' while the other joined the Kreigsmarine as 'Peter Strasser.' They were launched in April, 1941 and immediately sent on shakedown. Although HMS Formidable and her task force were initially charged with defending the convoys to Capetown, we have been diverted to deal with this threat.

At 1620 hours a Short Sunderland maritime patrol craft operating out of Malta reported that 'Aquila' was moving Northward toward Tunisia, we believe to pick up a new complement of aircraft, possibly Italian copies of the new German carrier aircraft. This cannot be allowed to happen. After the attacks on Pearl Harbor the Yanks may soon be joining us, but we're on our own right now. As it stands, the Royal Navy is the ONLY obstacle to the Axis powers controlling the Mediterranean Sea, and if they begin operating aircraft carriers we will no longer be able to operate as freely on the water.

The Swordfish of 810 squadron will be splitting up this evening. The twelve pilots of Flight 1 and their crew will be loaded with torpedos and flares for an assault on the carrier fleet. Five pilots of Flight 2 must be prepared for a suppressing attack at Pantelleria, the closest Axis airfield, which is likely to scramble when the fleet radios that they are under attack. Two Fulmars from 806 Sqn will be diverted from CAP to aid the strike.

All of your attacks must be coordinated to the minute to ensure the success of the air operation. Due to the secrecy of this operation you will be under orders of radio silence until the attack is started. When Flight 1's Swordfish are in position for the torpedo attack, radio to Flight 2 to begin bombing the field. Attack details are up on the board.

17 Swordfish Mk. I: 34 Pilot and Gunner spots available.
2 Fairey Fulmar Mk. I: 2 Pilot slots available.

Total: 36 slots

If you are interested in joining this mission, please post in this thread at M4T. Check back the day of the mission for details such as Teamspeak and game IP. Due to the overwhelming difficulty of night flying and carrier operations, Gunners/Observers are just as needed as pilots themselves.

Mission IP & Password (for both the game and TS):


Italian Carrier - Aquila

Italian Airfield - Pantelleria