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    Originally Posted by TheF34RChannel Go to original post
    Team TheF34RChannel needs ONE last member from Europe or the UK with a pre-order code to complete the team!
    I want to join your team, i already send a request under the name Lightfors, i am from the netherlands
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    Originally Posted by guest-DWRmrPFY Go to original post
    I want to join your team, i already send a request under the name Lightfors, i am from the netherlands
    Excellent! Accepted All full now
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    Aug 2012
    I have a free place in my team FreedomFighters. Anyone who have a code and want to join we are glad to Unite
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    I'm Neo 33 from Belgium and I'm looking for members for my team HoGaB (must have a pre order code)

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    Team Competition, looking for 1 member, please and thanks :P
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    I'm getting the band back together

    3 team members needed, I'm from the UK but don't mind where you are, but you must have a pre-order code ready!

    I got fed up trying to join other teams and getting no response, so I started my own, and will respond within the same day (preferably if you contact me here letting me know you have a pre-order code when joining). Search for my group, LEDZEPPELIN.
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    Lets make an awesome team!

    2 ULCs already unlocked. 3 Players needed for Team DAERON to unlock the rest.
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    I have a preorder code KjZoSo, would like to join you dude

    edit: nvm got a team with a mate

    Looking for 2 more members with pre-order codes, leave a message here if you're interested
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    My team are searching for NORDIC players. If you have a Pre-order code, search the teamname: NordicSubRosa and jUNITE!
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    Let's Play the GAME

    Originally Posted by Lee855 Go to original post
    Hello AC-fanbase,
    I'm still searching for 2 more members for the team "LesCuirassiers". One of the free slots is (possibly) not free for long as the person is yet to decide if he should purchase ACU now (I'm working on convincing him. ). So if you don't already have a team and are interested let me now through a PN or directly via Uplay (name's Lee855).
    Would be glad to hear from you,
    Lee855 (Danjou)

    Let's Play...
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