Yooo Ubisoft!

Iíve been an Assassinís Creed player for a very long time and Iíve played allllll the games. Though recently, Iíve been missing the old games like the first and second with Brotherhood and Revelations. So my question, or more suggestion, is ę What do you say of remastering the first Assassinís Creeds? Ľ. With todayís graphics, I feel like the games would be amazing and well I can no longer play them since my Xbox 360 is obsolete so Iíve been missing them, you know.

So yeah! If you would do that, Iím sure the AC OGs would loooove it, I know I would and so would many of my friends whoíve also played them. (Personally Iíd buy all of them as they would come out hehe :3) And well, youíd make a young man pretty happy and nostalgic haha.

I would really appreciate it if you could consider it or maybe give me feedback on the idea, like your thoughts or if itís already being done. :D

Also, Users! Tell me what you think about it! Iíd love to know your thoughts on the subject.