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    Cannot use any books on Relto shelf

    I'm running the game perfectly fine, except for the minor problem that all the books on my shelf are inaccessible.

    I click on the shelf with the cursor and get the view of all my books, and can open any of them. However, when I click in the picture in the book, the book closes and slides back into the shelf.

    This is inconvenient as it means I need to complete the main game in one go. If I make even a single mistake and have to go back to my Relto, the only way back into the Age I left is to delete the book and reset my progress there, which also hinders my ability to complete later tasks.

    This is also inconvenient as I cannot access Bevin and collect other books.

    The error only seems to affect books on my bookshelf, as I can use any other book I've encountered.

    If there's any way to fix this I'd appreciate some help. Thank you!
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    Welcome to Uru forums KaviCordi.

    1- What version of Uru are you playing with and where did you buy the game ?
    2- What operating system (OS) do you have ?
    3- Laptop or desktop ?
    4- What is the name and model of your graphic card ?
    5- Have you tried creating and play with a new avatar to check if it is also buggy ?
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    1 - I am not entirely sure. I have the version provided by the MystOnline website. EDIT: If it helps, running it in windowed mode, the window name is UruLive.1.905 - External.Release
    2 - Win7 (64)
    3- Laptop, although this has proven to be no problem for me in the past, and this one is of better quality than my old one.
    4- I presently have an NVidia GeForce 9100M G
    5- No I have not, but I'll give that a try. EDIT: A new avatar has the same problem.
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    My next suggestion would be to start a new topic on the Mystonline tech forum...

    Almost all Cyan's fans have moved over there.

    Mystonline main forums index's page click here
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    Hm. Thank you for the assistance anyway!
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