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    pillars in Kadish Tolesa Age

    Hi, I was hoping anyone could give me a hand with this. In the room where there are four pillars and four switches the pillars should move whenever i pull a lever However this is not happening and i cant figure out why. From what i've read there's no puzzle i've missed to do this so i thought perhaps it was a bug in the game. If anyone knows whats up id appreciate the help i cant find anything about it online. im running Uru complete chronicles on windows xp and 7.
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    Welcome to the Uru forums.

    Are all the pillars at ground level ? The solution is in raising the pillars in the right combination and you are allowed only so many moves. (as you rise pillars, counterweights go down)

    To reset the pillars before trying another combination, you need to click the blue "knob" on on the right to reset all pillars at ground level.
    (knob = b+u+tt+on)
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    i appreciate the help however the problem was that after pulling the lever nothing happened. As it turned out the latest offline KI installation (3.6.1) will cause several glitches throughout the game. It will make it so that the sanctuary book does not appear in your bookshelf in relto along with causing the pillar puzzle in kadish tolesa to not function. i havnt found any other glitches as of yet but there may still be more. Hopefully this will help anyone who runs into the same issues in the future. (took me 5 installations to figure this out).... (>o.o<)
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    For those who wonder what sekourmen was talking about is the Offline KI in the Uru Drizzle version.
    He should have first asked help at the Guild of Writers site instead of here. I just found his first post over there...

    Btw, our text editor "is seeing" the first "U" in the first Uru as an indication of an underline command.
    That is what I call progress.

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