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    Hard to find ACR for PC in stores

    I've been to numberous GameStop, Best Buy, Future Shop, and even Wal Marts trying to look for ACR for PC... how come it's not there?

    I know I can buy it online, however I'm just curious why there's no PC version of ACR in stores.

    About 3 months after AC Brotherhood was released, the PC version of it was finally in stores. (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Howcome it's different for Revelations?
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    Razrback16's Avatar Senior Member
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    Not sure. I bought mine at Best Buy on the day of release. If you've called around and no one has it, just order it off Amazon.com
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    There are hardly any PC games in stores, the climax of PC Gaming is downloads, much better anyways, cuts down on the production cost therefore sales make it much cheaper. Buy it online.
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    In Poland is no problem with buying boxed version of revelations in stores, same for all previous assassin's creed games.

    I prefer box with game, downloadable versions are for americans and kids ;-)
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    i bought it from the ubishop, as i aslo prefer boxed versions (but i still think steam is great). i just like reading the manual when installing.

    And especially the special editions are nice. codex version from brotherhood was awesome.
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