Hi Girls!

Here is the list of Winners from Ashley Benson's Sweepstakes that took place in January! Congrats to all the participants! Every winner has or will receive an email to let him/her know he/she has won and to him/her detail the prizes received!

The Grand Prize goes to Abby Joslin! Congratulations!

Here is the list of winners of First Prizes by alphabetical order:

Sammi Arellano
Casey Bader
Cindy Biggs
Tyshiana Blount
Meghan Keegan
Lucy Murray
Brianna Powers
Duke Puterbaugh
Joseph Spadaro
Daley Whitaker

Here is the list of winners of Second Prizes by alphabetical order:

Ashley Ackley
Joanna Barragan
Jada Bishop
amanda Bridge
Ryan Bronstein
Mnarissa Carter
alexa Cohen
Ashley Corredor
Jody Dinh
Megan Faria
Adrienne Forbes
Becca Kiblin
Bailey Lewis
Molly Martens
Sharianna McCloud
Dylan Michael
Leah Pellegrino
Eruca Rauworth
Michelle Ricci
Destiny Smith
Jordan Thomas
Jackie Tino
Mariah Vantroosenberghe
Sarai Venegas