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    Driver: San Franciso DRM server down despite Ubi saying it wouldn't be

    Tried playing Driver San Francisco tonight after having only just started it last night. A game I paid full price for based on the strength of reviews and recommendations from friends. I was anxious to play it again after getting into it yesterday - and surprise, surprise what should greet me upon trying to start it but this:

    I can't seem to get into the game at all now. I'm assuming that whatever junk Ubisoft is doing with their DRM servers has "effected" (which is an improper use of that word, by the way; "affected" is the correct word for the context - that your PR folks can't handle basic English grammar should have been embarrassment enough for you to have edited the notice by now...) the Driver San Francisco server(s) despite assurances to the contrary.

    I'm an adult and I try not to make childish, hollow internet threats. I'm not going to say "I will never buy an Ubisoft game again", but dang Ubisoft, this crap really sours of my opinion of the otherwise great games your developers make. Shame your management has to spoil them so, with attempts to curb piracy that have proven futile, while hurting legitimate customers, like me. At a minimum it makes me not want to buy your games until they drop to $10 or below - and I really don't have a problem waiting.


    Bit embarrassed about this, but I completely overlooked the "offline mode" option in the corner. My bad on that one, but when I get a big nasty "Service is down" error my first thought isn't to scour the rest of the login window - my first thought is to gripe on the forums I was able to get into the game using that option. Still it would be nice if the game automatically launched in offline mode if it couldn't connect. Plus, still worth noting that it appears that the servers for this game have been affected despite claims that it would not be.
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    Me too i paid full price for Assassins Creed Revelations and i can play it.The best part is that servers for this game have been affected despite claims that it would not be..
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    HI all,

    we are aware that some games listed as not being affected are.. - I can only suggest if you want unto the minute info, keep checking the official @Ubisoft twitter feed..

    Appears they are no restoring the games, however I can't say how long that will take, so please keep an eye on the twitter feed


    We are now restoring game services which is our main priority. Stay tuned for more updates!

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    I'm download the game 2 months ago and i played offline with crack.Now i reinstall it,i put the crack and it won't start.What's the problem?!??
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