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    Next Splinter Cell Suggestions

    I played the very first Splinter Cell on Xbox, Pandora Tomorrow, and Chaos Theory.

    I'm currently playing Splinter Cell Conviction and its good so far, but seems like you guys tried to broaden the audience a little.

    I would like to see these features back and suggestions:

    1. Being able to whistle with Sam Fisher

    2. Being able to carry dead bodies and hide them, so that enemies don't detect them.

    3. Multiplayer modes are pretty fun at first, but i wish you guys added modes that steer away with the story for once. 8vs8 team deathmatch/ctf/free for all wouldn't be too shabby.

    4. Enough with the urban/warehouse environments and give us multiple terrains like the swamp or rain forest and show off the beautiful graphics.

    5. Cut scenes should be CGI instead of the weird camera floating around and having a narrator do the story telling.

    6. Give us the ability to configure the controls. I'm so much used to holding the left trigger to zoom in with my weapon and there were many accidental moments during gameplay.

    7.Bring back the stealth bar. I don't like how the entire screen goes black and white whenever Sam Fisher is hidden.

    8. Program the enemy AI to stop repeating themselves over and over again. For example, in my experience playing, this one guy kept saying, "Hey Fisher, you see that wall? I'm gonna hang you on it." ...

    9. With that being said, the entire dialogue needs to be better. Some of the things i'm hearing in Conviction is very cheesy.

    10. So many items that i see in the environment around me, yet i cannot use it. What if i wanted to bash a chair on a guys head, can i? no
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    If you have done any research into Conviction and its bastard past, you would realize that the released version is a mere shell to what Ubi had planned. The franchise was nearly scrapped completely after the DA debacle and the net losses suffered. Conviction was meant to be a totally encompassing experience complete with environmental interaction (like you want) and a snatch and kill system that could have been executed with relative ease. The problem lies in the fact that once the 5th installment got the green light, the fans (including myself) were tired of hearing about "soon to be released". It took them four years to finally get the 5th game to market, and of those four years, maybe 18 months was dedicated to development. So yes, it was a rushed release and a lot of things were scrapped due to time crunches and budget restraints. I think if we are all a little patient this time, the 6th game will be stellar (at least Ubi better hope it is). They have a team of close to 800 people working on it and with the success of Conviction (even with all its flaws), the studio was given far more creative latitude to make a truly remarkable game. This, I believe, is why Ubi is being so secretive and hush-hush about all the development. No build up (graphics, story, game mechanics, etc) and there is no let down. The whole thing is a new experience. They pretty much learned that media hoopla leads to fan base diminishing with Conviction. I personally enjoyed the game for what it was. Granted, the foul language and the fact that voice acting was extremely deliberate and very trite (not to mention the fact that all the guys sounded like red necks, even when in Russia)was a deterrent, the actual mechanics were very smooth and calibrated. I don't think we'll have long to wait and we'll see the 6th game rejuvenate the franchise.
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