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    help on playing.

    Ok. i have just downloaded the game and every time i hit play it pops up the screen and pops right back off and says the after gameplay thing what do i do i just spent $30 on this game
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    have u tried some of the support forums in ubisoft?
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    idk where it is and no
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    im not sure it wud be much help to you ive had a look but i cant find anything there to help you..
    i had the exact problem you have rite now but i had it with splinter cell conviction.
    I had to change the default graphics settings to my computer graphics
    i think this may be your problem but i have no idea where the file is for ACR ( literally cant find it )

    heres the links anyway good luck u mite want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the ubisoft game launcher

    the answered q's about ACR

    ubi support


    hope it helps
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    ok to get things clear if u dont understand the problem is i hit play and it goes up and then pops right back down
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    yeah i understood i just couldnt find solution
    but now i think i can resolve your problem..

    Go to ur assassins creed revelations folder ( should be found in documents or in c drive it wont be in the ubisoft folder) ( the folder will be called assassins creed revelations)
    there shud be two files
    1. ACrevelations
    2 ACrevelationsMP

    open the first file there will be lots of code . look for this :
    and change the graphics to your current graphics.. for example (mine) :

    change this for both the files just to make sure. then save and try the game again.

    hope it helps
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