Monopoly Family Fun Pack - PS4


- Game freezes on a regular basis.

- Turn Timer does not always work and is not visible.

- Picking multiple game settings is inefficient


- When player leaves, they should be replaced by A.I.

- Allow players to leave game and come back

- If host of game disconnects, then allow for host change

- Add a in game message thread for players to communicate in the lobby and through out the game

- Allow host to choose maximum number of players for a game

- Allow host to kick players from in pre game lobby

- Add a $50 option in property auction

- "Speed die don't work. In the PS3 version, if all properties are sold and you throw the speed-die, you go to the next opponents property. This made for some great tactics of mortgaging lower properties so your foes would always land on your big earners with a speed-roll. Now it doesn't. You just advance to the next opponents card no matter the status of it. This can make long games last forever. " - Dal_ReviewedDat