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    Assassin's Creed on BBC Documentary

    I was going to post this a while ago but the forums were down. AC was mentioned in a BBC Documentary about Lippi's The Adoration of the Christ Child. It was towards the end, the narrator spoke of how it was a significant painting and it even boasted it's own secret lever in the game. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00x50pd Unfortunately, it's no longer on the iPlayer.

    The part about it being stolen from Italans by the Nazis and then stolen by the US was quite interesting.
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    Too bad it isn't anymore in the internet. I would have like to know in which way they said it was a significant painting and it even boasted it's own secret leve.

    *edit* I found the trailer of the docu


    And there is nothing spectacular about beeing stolen by the nazis and then by the americans. Everyone who is interested in history, has surley heard about looted art.

    There is nothing special about it. It's common in almaost every bigger war, like killing or raping women. Some soldiers stole art by their own and other soldiers stole art in order of some politicans or generals.

    But in this case, the paintinge wasn't stolen from the italians by the nazis.

    "The painting has a varied and complicated past. When the Medici family were banished from Florence, the painting was confiscated by the state. The Adoration began a journey that saw it owned by an English collector and housed in a Berlin residence before being sold to a Prussian king and ending up in the hands of the Nazis."

    It's a suprise that the painting did not find the way into the USA or Soviet-Russia at the end of the war.
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    Shame - I'd liked to have watched that.
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