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    Ok, I don't know if it's supposed to go in here , but I need help.

    I bought Far cry 2 today(for PC), and recently played quite a bit of story mode.

    Sadly when I go click multiplayer it goes to the profiles screen. it is totally blank and I can click nothing to even make one. Already registered the game and all.

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    I do know that there servers are down, and are going to be down most of sunday. So loging in to create a user may not be possible at this time. Even if you could, you would still not be able to play online. Sorry for the bad news, but just try again on Monday and all should be fine.
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    Should I be able to select and option to make one though? It just shows up as profiles and an empty screen with no otpion to make one.
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    I really dont remember sorry. I do know it made sense when i did it . Plus the servers seem to be up at the moment too so sounds like a dif problem

    When in game and you make an Online profile, it asks for your name and pass plus your cd key. is that where you are having the problem?
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    Yeah, it doesn't ask for either of those, it's just the same screen.

    I'll try and reinstall it.
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    there's a button at the bottom, or should be. if there's not you have a problem.
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