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    ok thanks dave
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    Guess I need to read better as I didn't unload the 163 patch, just loaded 1.7 over it. Still I noticed the changes and have had no problems.

    So we are to get ride of the 163 patch....?
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    I really liked the Space Monkey Program's tshirt weared by Michel during the E3 conference.
    How to get one? visit Best Essay Writing Service In UK No, really. Almost every unimportant character is horrific. Dear God, don't get me started on female agents, either. No matter how much I mash the random button, I keep getting gremlins. Characters in this game don't look like someone asked the Division for help. They look like creaturess who answered the "Release the Kraken!" cry. You gotta do better, Massive. Characters looked fairly good in the Division 1.
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