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    The closest thing to a SC is probably a special forces sniper. Think about it!
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Frydchykin:
    They exist in real life but you just can't sign up for the job like the Navy Seals, I mean for the USNS you have to be recommended, <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Oh, on the contrary, all you have to do is enlist in the Navy and sign the SEAL challenge contract. That GANRUANTEES you a chance at the Basic Underwater Demolitions\SEAL training. If you make it through this 6 month course, you get your trident and are a SEAL. Getting through the first three weeks alone is another story entirely.

    I'd think just about any special operations unit is easily comparable to Sam. Consider how Shetland reacted to Sam's entrance. First pick, inspite Sam's insistance he is working alone, were all spec ops. Are there people like this in the CIA? There are clandestine operatives working over sees, undercover... one way or another it's pretty similar.

    But all I meant to say is, yes, you actually can sign up to be a SEAL. Whether you pull through on your end is an ENTIRELY different story.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ShadowsofChaos:
    Obviously Third Echelon doesn't exist, since it was made up for the game, but I bet that there are spies like Sam out there all the time, the public just doesn't know about it. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    exactly. the public shouldn't know. that is the nature of the agency to keep the public UNinformed of their actions. oh and btw third echelon is a real org. i have seen thier website.(long time ago obviously off by now because of discrete reasons) becase i can't find it anymore.
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    Actually, we canâ´t really give you an answer, because simply, no one knows. If there was people out there doing stuff like Sam, they are doing it PRETTY well. But I doubt it, if they were to exist we would have heard about them in the media. The closest thing to a guy like Sam, would be the Navy Seals.
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    If we knew we probably wouldn't be alive right now.Remeber, there not supposed to exsist.
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    Yeah, thats definitely true.
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    they do exist, its just not sure when and if they wil be used,they wont be in the news like in the army
    and something ubi made up, you cant just sit in the dark and hope they dont see you, cause in the dark your eyes wil get after a wile in the dark theyl get used to the dark and see everywhere they go.

    the spys in real some sometimes sit in the dark to check around a corner and if a gaurd comes from the other way he wont see them at the 1st minute, normaly they go through vents, they sneak past boxes they hang on pipes above, they peek around corners and silently sneak past you when your not looking.

    when an alarm raises because hes seen he mostly kills himself and destroy usefull information for the enemy by like blowing himself with a bomb

    a spy neversits in the dark and walks in rounds wile a gaurd is looking his way

    i seen it! they do exist, you j
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    I'd be pretty nervous right now if any of us knew for sure whether they exist or not. Then terrorists would be able to get easy access to information like this. The actual Third Echelon does not exist, it was definately made up for the game. I bet there is an agency inside the NSA like Third Echelon, but, unlike Third Echelon, they are not denied existence. But, none of the public knows for sure. Information like this is more secretive than Area 51.
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    Lone, Single Field Operatives like Sam do not exist in how he appears and how he works around objectives. Despite how careful somebody would be, they would be seen on quite a regular basis. However, the closest thing that comes to them is often when there are a Team of Operatives, but a single man operative is far to dangerous and does not exist. A Single Man operative is sent in as an undercover Spy, not a Field Agent. Sure, you can say that how would we know when they are a secretive agency, so is Area 51 and much other things but somewhere along the line they are discovered. It would be very cool if people like Sam did exist though..
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Do people like sam fisher exist in real life?

    Yes I do.
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