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    Thanks for your quick respone! I was a little bit hasty, Sorry!

    I use HP Pavilion g4 Notebook PC, Win7(Flagship x64), Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz, RAM= 4.00 GB, video card= AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series, Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, 4GB of 35GB hard drive available, DirectX 10
    1. Broken pieces (look like the board and the background?) flash when I move the mouse when playing the tutorial and keep flashing on the welcome window(where Academy/ Play/ Fun is chosen).
    2. I can install the update1.0.1 but not 1.0.2(run as the Administrator). It shows that my CM is v1.1.0(Grandmaster Edi.).

    Originally Posted by KHollister Go to original post
    You haven't given much information about your problem. Here's what would be helpful:

    1. Machine specifications (Video card, Amount of RAM, Hard Drive size, Audio card type, etc.)

    2. Operating System

    3. Specific Error Message you're receiving.

    At this moment, all I can recommend is the obvious: make sure that you have all the latest hardware drivers, Windows updates, and service packs installed (this includes Direct X 9.0). Also, make sure that you install the updates as the Administrator.
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    First thing... Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition requires DirectX 9.0c (the version that comes on the DVD). If you didn't install it when you installed Chessmaster, you'll need to reinstall. This won't cause a problem, as you can have both DirectX 9.0c and 10 installed at the same time.

    Aside from that...

    1. Make sure that you have the latest service packs and updates installed for Windows.
    2. Make sure that you have the latest drivers installed for your video card.

    Also, what is the exact error message you receive when you try to install the 1.02 Update?
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    Thanks a lot!
    I installed DirectX9 attached before Chessmaster.
    I have the latest Video Driver. As for Windows, I use Service Pack 1 now and keep updating, what is the latest SP?

    When trying 1.02 Update, the error reads:
    'Cannot create the following file:...\Chessmaster?Grandmaster Edition Manual.$$A
    You will have to run this utility again to completely update Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition.

    CM is wonderful and I genuinely hope to enjoy it more comfortbly, thanks!
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    The latest service pack for Windows 7 is SP1, so you're okay in that regard.

    Are you running any programs in the background (such as virus-scanner or firewall software)?

    So the 1.02 update runs, but gives you an error when trying to update the pdf for the User's Manual... are you running Windows in a language other than English?
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    A friend of mine also plays CM11. We use the same firewall software and Windows (indeed not in English) but he can play smoothly...
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    There is a known issue with installing the updates on a non-English version of Windows... read the final question in Section I of the Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition FAQ to see if the situation applies to you.

    However, I do not think that installing the 1.0.2 update will fix all of your problems. I'm guessing that either you don't have the latest video drivers installed,or you're running some program that is conflicting with them.
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    I have successfully installed patch .02 but run into an error with .01
    Does .02 include the .01 fixes?
    If I am not in the correct thread please redirect
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    Greetings, The error message i get in trying to update patch .01 is:
    C:\Program files (x86) GM XI \data\tutorial\josh academy\josh art of learning\1-waitzkin vs dave arnett.tut: unknown version
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    No, updates are not cumulative... you'll need to install the 1.01 update first, then the 1.02 update.

    If you're having problems, would you please give some details about your system?

    1. Processor
    2. Memory
    3 Hard Drive
    4. Video Card
    5. Version of Windows (English / Non-English)

    First thing: make sure that you have all the latest Windows Service Packs and updates installed,as well the latest drivers installed for your video card.

    Are you running any anti-virus/firewall software? If so, you may need to temporarily disable it while installing the updates. Also, make sure you install the updates as the Administrator.
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